We just arrived at Disneyland Paris

We just arrived at Disneyland Paris

Our days are getting more and more busy. All the time between Cluj and Bucharest – these coming months will be full of departure and I started longing for free time. Now, for example, when everyone is chilling with the family – the second day of Easter, and we are back on the road starting with four in the morning. But at the same time I like the fact that we are not sitting in one place and that so many things are happening – things that we have the chance to share with you.

We are in a press trip Paris now because we have received an invitation from Disneyland Paris & Air France to mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the theme park. We just got to the hotel where we’re gonna stay these days – Disney’s New Port Bay, we ordered something at the room service and we’re relaxing before moving on with the program we have for tonight. We’re still processing everything that’s going on, we did not manage to see anything here because we’re very tired and all we want is to sleep for a couple of hours. It’s raining and we’re missing the mood we were supposed to have for Disney – but hey, let’s wait for a few more days and maybe we get lucky. To summarize, we only slept for about 3 hours last night, then took an Air France flight to Paris, a flight that, however tired I was, I could not sleep – it had nothing to do with the flight, it was my fault only – I can’t sleep on the airplane, only seldom in long flights –  I always find something to watch / read / read and still don’t fall asleep while Carmen sleeps, on her place, right next to me. I have never seen that before (I want that too!).

We spent the first hours of the morning at Charles De Gaulle airport in the VIP lounge in their Business Lounge which is super elegant and beautiful, I also used the Flying Blue card for the first time … but I’m going to tell you more about that in a future post. Now I must remove my makeup, get some sleep and leave you a post look that I photographed yesterday afternoon in Bucharest. Moody, rockish, with a sporty touch. Enjoy!

What I Wore: Reserved Coat / Topshop Metallica T-shirt / YSL Monogram Bag / Zara Leather Trousers / Uvex Sunglasses / H&M Glitter Slip-on Shoes / Moselles Bracelet / Kriolyt Earrings & Hashtag Ring.


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