OTR II – Fashion Slayage by Beyonce

OTR II – Fashion Slayage by Beyonce

Earlier this year, when the summer was still a thing, I posted on my underrated Instagram account a video from the OTR II concert in Milan, talking about the Carter family in professional terms, calling them Senior Project Managers in entertainment. Truth be told, they really are. OTR II followed the OTR I tour in 2014, with a debut on the 6th of June 2018 and an end as effective of today, October 4th. Obviously, it was a sold out tour, which generated a lot of rumors and activity, both online and offline, starting from the outfits and ending with the narratives behind each tour, the new versions of the couple set out on a new adventure after the release of the famous Lemonade (Beyonce ) and 4:44 (Jay-Z) albums.

The News Department @alinaceusan thought about marking the end of the fabulous OTR II tour with a review of the most impressive outfits Beyonce wore during the four months of concerts. So sit comfortably, set up a playlist in the background (playing Beyonce, dooh!) and enjoy the pictures.




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