Chiara Ferragni channels LA vibes for her new collection

Chiara Ferragni channels LA vibes for her new collection

September 23, 2017: More than 4,000 people are in front of Chiara Ferragni store for the great opening that the blogger had announced on social media channels. We were at the presentation of the new collection in the CF showroom and I brought you here for a few words about what it looks like, when it’s available and what the inspiration behind the collection was.

The event was attended by Chiara, her former boyfriend – now business partner Riccardo Pozzoli, Valentina and Chiara’s mother. At a first glance, I said there are not many items – mainly basic pieces: jerseys, trousers, all arranged by color and the shoes the we already know. That until I took a glass of prosecco from the food buffet and I realized that the world goes to the inner courtyard where I discovered the theme of the collection. A corner of the garden had been arranged as a hotel bedroom in pink, white and silver pink shades. Behind this ensemble is a huge mirror that optically opens the space. Glitter stands for shoes, white busts, palm shades and blue eye everywhere. The collection is based on Los Angeles City, where Chiara now lives part time and who is sure to have inspired her a lot in what she does.

The new collection includes anything-you-want-with-glitter: the famous ballerinas, phone cases, sneakers, holsters, skirts, sports clothes and basics. What attracted my attention were the bomber jackets that I see worn over tight shoulder pads on her body, high waisted jeans and autumn-winter boots, satin pajamas with racing print and sneakers all glittery – because snowmobiles looks so much better when the sole is the same color with the shoe itself. Honestly, it really looked great and I think you can wear it in many combinations, in a combination with jeans for lunch, jumpsuits and even evening dresses to get a rock glam look.

A pair of black velvet boots decorated with silver stones in the form of a palm that extends from the ankle above the knee, bathrobes and T-shirts written with “Last Angel” are also testimony that LA is the theme song of this collection. The new collection is already available in the shop, all on See Now Buy Now. When I saw the black leather backpack embroidered with “Find me at the spa”, I realized that’s exactly what I needed. I’m just leaving Fashion Week and all I want is to sleep for two days with my cats, then unpack and drink a glass of Brunello di Montalcino with Raul and bye (or spa, as the case may be).



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