Istituto Marangoni Info Point in Romania, Day of Display & More.

Istituto Marangoni Info Point in Romania, Day of Display & More.

As I told you on Instagram Stories – and I hope you’ve already seen the new Highlight – a lot of exciting things are happening, and one of them is that in June I’ll be moving for three weeks to Milan. I will be a student again, this time at Istituto Marangoni, during the summer classes. As the Day of Display event poster says, we should all stop dreaming and start doing. And now is the time for a new beginning. Press play & enjoy. The song is from the La Vita è Bella soundtrack, a movie that must be on your watch list.

This night I was part of the PR @ event, which took place at Epoque Hotel Bucharest and brought together professors and graduates of the Milan School of Fashion, press and industry. I met teachers and mentors from whom I can not wait to learn new things and I learned all we need to know about the new Marangoni info center that opened in Bucharest. Tomorrow, as I was saying, between 11-19, we are waiting for you at Epoque Hotel Bucharest for Day of Display– a day where you can find the story of the Romanian graduates of Istituto Marangoni, you can see their creations live (I fell irremediably in love with three pieces I’ve seen tonight – a minimalist black white dress with an impressive collar signed by Ludmila Corlateanu that I would match with a classic red lip and YSL sandals, a full look signed by Andra Olaru – a hat, a black velvet dress and a pair of boots that made me instantly think about Monica Barladeanu and a unique piece, signed by Dalia Poleac – to whom I would find later, while enjoying a cigar, a team of 34 people worked.)

Because I like everything to be in real-time, you can still see everything on my Instagram – the stories are fresh. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave here some photos of my look. I wore a white mini dress with pearls from Elisabetta Franchi via Lala Boutique (the only store in Romania where you find the Elisabetta Franchi tracks on the runway) that I chopped with a pair of white crickets I got them from Shay today and they dropped just in time because honestly I could not imagine anything else with this dress, which is quite elegant, with these precious applications, pearls, lace … So here we go!

What I Wore: Elisabetta Franchi White Dress via LalaBoutique / Black and White Bandana / H&M and vintage Belts / Beats White Cowboy Boots / H&M Earrings.



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