How you should be shopping this spring

How you should be shopping this spring

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(Calvin Klein ck2 fragrance | Boyfriend Jeans | Y.A.S cream body)

Last week we attended the opening of the new ZOOT happiness cabin. The event took place on Napoca Street no 7, vis-a-vis from Baracca and it brought together cool people and ZOOT’s friends under a single roof: The Happiness Cabin. As the event was unfolding, I was beginning to become more familiar with the ZOOT world and more intrigued by the young group’s innovation for online shopping platforms: the offline fitting cabin. I decided to order some items from their site and try them on in Cluj Napoca. It’s Sunday night and I recommend you do some targeted shopping (not just today, it’s just that today the temptation’s greater). What does that mean? While you’re browsing items and creating outfits, keep a notebook close and note down the items your wardrobe really needs. Some personal examples: black 20 den matte tights, sports pants, a sports bra, some truly pretty pajamas, comfy clothes for staying at home, a pair of spring sneakers, sunglasses, a ton of turtlenecks, which are spring essentials… And the list could go on; However:

nothing to wear

I took my notes and went shopping, here. You probably imagine I have a ton of clothes already, which is partially correct, yet whenever I try to create new combos I need something new to make everything go together. In this case, #spring, a new shirt, a body, pastel colored shoes… Either way, us girls went on board with the idea of online shopping as soon as it appeared and now we truly love it. It’s pretty damn awesome to laze around in bed and shop. We’re already aware of the fact that going out equals one and a half hours of intense preparation, one hour stuck in traffic to pick up your best friend and another few spent in an overly crowded building, where some people run around with crazy long shopping lists while some just pace around relaxed, as they just went there to catch a movie. Sometimes you don’t feel like all that. Not on Sunday, for sure. Today I’m online.


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