Hair Fashion Night by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Hair Fashion Night by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

During one of my visits in Bucharest – visits which are taking place more and more now, I was invited to participate in a dedicated corporate hairstyling event, organized by L’Oreal. Hair Fashion Night or HFN is the biggest event for hair trends all over the world during the same night. Being in Bucharest for a few days, I took an Uber and went to the event – with my hair wet, my only chance in life to go like this to an event. At the same time, other women had gone to London, Paris or New York with wet hair for the same event. That’s because women from all continents have been invited to get a free, fashionable look in a 100% backstage & ultra-connected Hair Fashion Night that happens over the same night in over 30 countries. We were also responsible with the connections: I met there with Laura Giurcanu and Dana Rogoz who were testing short-haired textures and with Gaby Atanasov who could not help but get big and rebel loops. I entered Silver Church club and as soon as I passed through the girls at the entrance, there was a luminous space with neon lights and metallic balloons, all in bright pink shades. At 20:00. the styling sessions began. Every person has 30 minutes with a professional hairdresser from L’Oréal Professionnel partner saloons to make the look you want, so I was able to find who I was assigned to. You already know that with light blonde hair I don’t really use heat tools so I asked my stylist to set the wave trimmer at 160 degrees. He introduced us the products with which he had worked at my hairstyle, and at the end I felt very good though somewhat neatly arranged with that perfectly curved hair I had not seen for a long time. Summary: I felt good about this hairstyle. To get this look, we used the Hollywood Waves products, to which we have left a link on the picture below.

 The event was held until midnight when the ladies went home all dressed up & arranged. I have to mention that the great majority of the stylists involved in this event came from all over the country, so their effort was appreciated, especially because they were supposed to go back home during the same evening. HFN was a memorable night of trends – if you remember well, I did some live on Instagram from there and the atmosphere was very nice and very similar to what is happening in the backstage of a presentation. Stands, products, tools and dozens of people passionate about their job. The truth is that lately I did not use too much the hair straightener or the wave trimmer,  preferring to wear out the hair in its natural texture, so when I saw the sweeper I said like a robot with a blurred look: “loops”. I smiled the whole evening after the hairstyle was ready. I called Raul on Facetime and the first reaction was “how many degrees did your hair make?” I assured him everything was under control and I stayed on the terrace with the girls talking. Incredibly, however, how loops can influence your condition so much. I left the event very excited about what happened and my only mention is that next time we should have  better signal on wifi. At least I was able to climb the router just to go live. I will leave you a gallery of pictures from the event below and I hope to convince you to join us next year for a night that cannot be missed


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