Fashion Corner: 2018’s Western Boots

Fashion Corner: 2018’s Western Boots

Western Boots. Another trend difficult to ignore in 2018, intensely worn and equally disputed. Basically, if you are in a time when you are planning to purchase a new pair of boots, you might consider this recurring trend of the year. The big news? The cowboy boots are extremely versatile, can be worn with pants or skirts, in summer or winter, in day or evening outfits. You can wear them with a midi dress with a mini skirt, but they can also be assorted with a comfortable coat accompanied by a thick denim, according to winter temperatures.

Before moving on to our graphical proposals for this trend, a little context. Raf Simons, a designer who has been collaborating with the biggest fashion houses, has proposed a new approach to a show this year in a Calvin Klein presentation. American, as Simons imagined, took the Western boots under the spotlight and this was probably the time. From there, Fendi, Isabel Marant and other names in the industry took over and repeated the idea until the moment invaded street style feeds.

A full western outfit is potentially intimidating. Here are some of the suggestions you can take directly to your feeds, we hope to inspire you. Enjoy!


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