Cœur de palmier

Cœur de palmier


   These last days have brought a lot of work in my schedule (both online and offline) as we are preparing a new site and a new space for INSFD, new collaborations, trips – all for next month. I’m already looking forward to the week-end, although it’s only Tuesday. It’s Tuesday, the 24th of January and I am working. This evening, right after I finished editing some pictures, I realized that my feet were completely frozen under the desk, while I was lost between a bunch of papers on my right and a glass of wine – courtesy of Raul because he was free today. You must imagine my next thought: if this is not the proper time for #ACGoesToMauritius, I don’t even know what’s proper anymore.

   10th of January: Carmen and Sorin had been on the island for two days and we were supposed to leave the next day. We obviously needed some serious plans for our last night on the island ( and when I say “our” I am referring to Carmen and I). Right after the sunset, we left home, Agathe and Natalia were also on their way and we were planning to enjoy dinner together in Grand Baie. We changed our mind in the last moment and we started driving towards Cocoloko.

The restaurant opens up from Mon Choisy – Cap Malheureux Road – Sunset Boulevard with a luminous path. The first thing that you see – the colorful figures of the palm trees and the enormous wood construction that covers up most of the terrace. The inner yard opens up with a lounge on the left – geometric armchairs made from white rattan and spacious couches with big pillows. The kind of place that welcomes you in the morning for a coffee, but also in the evening, when the whole group joins you. We have chosen a table for 8 in the middle of the garden.

I had Gratin de Cœur and Penne Arrabbiata – As you already know, I am a big fan of Italian food and I simply can’t help but try it everywhere I go. However, Agathe and Natalia ordered a delicious pizza, since the restaurant had an actual pizza oven, so what should have stopped me from ordering the penne arrabbiata? Palm Cœur ? A discrete flavor that feels like boiled Romanian celery, the palm heart is being served as an appetizer. Apparently, it is very good for the health, containing C and B6 vitamins along with potassium, zinc and copper. Raul and Carmen have ordered pink Tuna Steak, recommended by Agathe, while Sorin ordered a Ribeye steak. I’m not even mentioning Ziad, that arrived later than us and mentioned that ” he is only here for the dessert”. The stories continued for hours, delaying somehow the departure moment.


Wild Inga Lauren Bag / Asos Thrilling Tie Leg Flatform Sandals / Dsquared2 Leather Skirt / Vintage Red Shirt.
Where in Mauritius? CocoLoko Restaurant Bar et Cocktail

   There is a 15 minutes route that we make every night from Grand Baie up to the point where we stay. I roll down the window to take the outside vibe – the road is luminous, animated and full of life and noise all the way from Grand Baie to Cap Malheureux. After passing the church, the street lights disappear, the road becomes more narrow and the sky is lighting up: the stars appear so clearly and the air is filled with such a familiar flavor of baked pepper and rice that make you think again about grabbing some food, although you are just coming back from the dinner. Mauritius, you’ve left me drooling. At the end of this article, I would like to launch a Q&A challenge – give me two answer options, out of which I will select only one – ex. nude/red lipstick, chocolate/vanilla, London/New York. The coolest of your comments will appear in a new vlog we are creating with Alfie Production.



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