Airbnb, The Plum And More – How To Find The Perfect Getaway Places

Airbnb, The Plum And More – How To Find The Perfect Getaway Places

A few days ago I caught myself thinking about the present, about the importance of the actual moment we are living. What are you doing right now? You’re on the way, you’re at work, are you at home? What can you find enjoyable right within your sight? Specifically for this moment, which will be over soon. The birds will pass through the sky, and the sun will set, the clouds will vanish, the wind and temperature will not be the same. The world is in constant change. Did you hear that distant noise? Something is building up. Soon you will not hear that sound again. Maybe today, maybe in two months. Present and to be present enjoying what comes into your life without a plan or not are two very important things. That’s why I decided for a while, that I want to travel a lot, to stay in the most spectacular apartments and enjoy the moment. Travel, holidays, city breaks – whatever you want to call them – are safe investments in you.

I told you that I will write about some of the places we have been living over time and which we liked very much. For the atmosphere, design, functionality, location and mood.It was the starting point for some apartments which we rented for our travel episodes – a few days in London for a project with Lee Cooper and a weekend in Rome for Beyonce’s OTR II Tour. Here I would add the days we spent in Athens before we left for the boat trip. Here’s what the first three impressions look like. Athens. Rome. London. First of all, I looked for a place that would make me feel good, if not exactly how I feel in my own home then at least very close to that feeling. I wanted wi-fi, terrace, neutral colors, maybe an eclectic mood – if I find it. Finally, I wanted a pleasant atmosphere and I know how much a trip influences, the place where you stay for a few days. It sets the mood.




Two out of the total of three locations listed above are from Airbnb – a sharing economy based rental site, and the second, the London home with the white kitchen was found on The Plum Guide. Here are some details about each site and what you can find there.

Airbnb, Inc. is a global company based in San Francisco. Members can use the service to find or offer accommodation or travel experiences. The company doesn’t own any real estate listings, nor does it host events; but receives commissions from each booking. History? Shortly after they moved to San Francisco in October 2007, roommates and former colleagues, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, realized they could not afford the rent for their apartment. Chesky and Gebbia came up with the idea of putting an inflatable mattress into the living room and turning it into a Bed & Breakfast. The goal at first was to “make a few bucks.” In February 2008, Chesky’s former roommate Nathan Blecharczyk joined as the third cofounder of the new project, which he called AirBed & Breakfast. The rest is history.

Today, everyone seems to have heard about Airbnb, everyone is looking for that home away from home, be it London, Paris, New York, LA or a unique experience in the heart of the jungle, in -a cottage in the tree, the possibilities are endless. And believe me, people can be creative when it comes to their home or the experience they can offer to others in Airbnb’s flats, homes, or airbinding proposals.

Here you can find everything from a simple room to houses with a breathtaking view, or new experiences that catch your breath. “Try something new while supporting a cause. 100% of what you pay is donated to nonprofit organizations” – being just one of the offers that airbnb attracts us not only as a tourist destination but also as an ethical approach.

The Plum is a site I discovered during my research for a new Lee Cooper project. Whether I am working or on a holiday (see Athens, Rome) I like see the place which offers me accommodation as an unique experience. On The Plum Guide you will find the most luxuriant apartments in London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Rome and Milan. I do not know about you, but whenever I am traveling I always end up walking on some street, looking intrusively in those high-rise apartments with a balcony in the street … The light of a chandelier or something usually makes me say, “I want to be invisible and see all these beautiful apartments.” Because every city has them, we know that. Well, those apartments – that 1% of the world’s cool apartments – are also for rent, and can be found on The Plum Guide. “Every property in The Plum Guide has been tested and reviewed independently by our hospitality critics. Like the Michelin Guide – But for Homes.” Get it? Of the 187,797 houses, only 2845 are accepted. Of course you do. Let’s see the apartments ..

Computer, London – The Easton Diamond.


And why did we like it? First of all, for being so spacious, it has an airy kitchen that opens onto a barbecue terrace and a perfect place to dine. I mean you can entertain! And it is two steps from a street full of terraces, bars, restaurants, if you want to eat something specific. The whole house is actually a smart home, you can instantly connect to the sound system or apple TV, you have Netflix included – and the music sounds great. All the design details make it perfect for a luxurious experience. From the tub in one of the bedrooms, to the jacuzzi on the roof.

This is the kind of rental you want in a weekend escape. This, or … the Rome apartment, La Grande Bellezza. You also come to The Plum Guide and I am convinced that you will fall in love with at least two or three apartments in the available cities. More from London:



Rome – La Grande Bellezza -one of the most spacious and splendid apartments where I ever had the chance to stay. Owners were, of course, artists, something which was obvious for me only looking at the photos takes in the apartment. The place has a long hallway, a huge living room sprinkled with books and art objects. The simple and perfectly equipped kitchen has ceramic glasses that mimic small glasses of plastic and metal straw for cocktails. Won me with that. The apartment has two bathrooms, one master bedroom, another service and a terrace where you can dine, sit at the beach, or relax after hours with a glass of wine. You’re just in Italy.

I rented the apartment for a weekend, I was coming by train from Milan, towards Firenze for the shooting for Luisaviaroma, then we took the train again from Firenze to Rome. He came from Cluj, landing in Rome. We met in the evening at the address. We went to Beyonce’s concert and I think this experience remained like this in my mind also -[-[p0-0because of the atmosphere in the apartment. It is set in a charming interior courtyard. Everything’s jaw-dropping, right from the entrance. It’s a place that will surely surprise you, trust me.

Another apartment found on Airbnb, this time in Athens. I needed an apartment with several sleeping places – with over six in number, because we were staying there for a few days before we embarked on the boat for the rest of the trip. Yes, it was this trip (click to open in a new tab). I found a variant in Plaka, a bedroom loft with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and terrace, very modern and spacious. See what I’m talking about here and check its availability. The terrace is perfect for the evenings (and smokers) and if the apartment is spacious enough for six people, you can imagine that for two couples or a family of three to four people it can be perfect. It was renovated in 2017, and the guys there are really cool, they can even arrange a car to pick you up at the airport. Very good guides, too. They left us a map with everything we should see before we board the boat.

These are just some of the places where we felt good, where we were present, we laughed, we cooked, we drank a bottle of wine and forgot our home for a few days. These homes away from home were an unique experience, and that’s why I chose to write  about their vibe directly to you. Who knows which one of you is looking at something similar right now – day dreaming, if not looking actually looking at that gorgeous, high-ceiling flat in some town. There are options that are reveal as more than just an accommodation, turning into an experience. A memory. In the end, these are the moments we crave for. Freeze a moment. Or a bottle *.


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