10 things about the first week in Milan with Istituto Marangoni

10 things about the first week in Milan with Istituto Marangoni

I have decided to spend this summer doing something for me. Besides the things I usually do everyday,  which are blog, vlog and social media related, besisdes the INFSD project and the office back in Cluj, beyond new projects, I felt the need to experience something new, something that can help me take a step further, experience things from a different perspective, so I decided to follow a Short Summer Course at Istituto Marangoni. I wanted to do this for a long time – ever since I first visited their London campus with Shay. I liked what I saw there – the school appearance, the courses, the fact that I had the prospect of a fashion school and the experience of living alone for a few weeks in another country. You already know that I travel a lot with my projects – London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, New York – truth be told, London appears more and more often on my travel list… but the experience of living alone in another country – an experience that many of my high school colleagues, for example, had when moving to England or Ireland, during college, is a special one. It helps you evolve from all points of view, helps you manage yourself in any situation and overall, enhances personal growth.

 At first sight, the Fashion Business and Fashion Blogging course appeared to be the one for me, but I decided to go for a course perhaps not that popular – not that familiar to me, namely the Trend Forcasting one, which is also a new course in their summer curriculum. Below is a list of all short courses and the cities where they take place, because we have so many options when it comes to Istituto Marangoni – Milan, London, Paris, Firenze, Miami, Mumbai, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Summer courses are around 4-5,000 euros, but the price may vary depending on the chosen course, if you want to secure your accommodation as well and so on. For more information, I recommend you go to their info center in Bucharest or contact them online here. All courses are available in Italian and English here in Milan. Given the fact that everyone in our group speaks English, my course is rolling out in English. You should also follow @istitutomarangoni.ro 

The first week in Milan came with ups and downs, as expected. I was very excited about moving here. Before we left Cluj we moved to our new house. I really wanted to stay there for at least two or three days before I left, because it’s a very relaxing place. The morning of my departure – (I left Sunday at 5 am to the airport) caught me in a very inappropriate moment, after the wedding of a friend, the wedding from which I had to leave earlier, the wedding where I was stressted still watching Raul and thinking how much I will miss him during the coming weeks (I still didn’t know that I was going to return home in the first week-end for the UAD Gala). I was stressed, upset, happy at the same time because I was about to start a new chapter and a new stage in everything that means my blogging path, fashion … I was stressed depressed but well dressed. Ah – and a bit bipolar, as you will see in the first episode of the vlog – about week one. I was laughing here, crying there.



The very first days of the course came with a lot of new information. The schedule is freer Monday and Friday, and  a lot more hectic during mid week days (Tuesday-Thursday).  Every class lasts for two hours and thirty minutes. Again, I didn’t expect this, but the teachers are very relaxed and most of the times they will even ask for their coffee break after one and a half hour, so the atmosphere is really pleasant. When I got home, however, I was so tired that I spent most of my time resting. When your classes start 8.30 in the morning, you have to get up at 7 in order to be in time and catch the right the subway – and no, I am not complaining in any way, but I’m not a morning mate. Like in … not at all.

The program of the courses came as an addendum to the campaigns we are running, to the dozens of messages on whatsapp related to INFSD, restocks, the fact that we were going to have this pop-up store at the Neversea festival and so on. If I had the feeling that I would have free time – and I would imagine myself walking infinitely through this beautiful city, that was not the case. I have, of course, tried to enjoy Milan, its delicious pasta, a terrace with a view & the hot summer evenings. The first week comes with 10 things I’ve learned here, but also with a first episode of fashion vlog.

  1. Dolce far niente – That’s a fucking rule. Italians do know how to live. As a 7-day rule, from 13:30 to 16:00 all shops as closed. This was something I had to learn from the very first day.
  2. The teaching system here is very different from the one back home. Teachers are generally very open minded and have a much more friendly approach. I’m studying things that are  (finally) interesting to me.
  3. FaceTime is a life saver. Until you start crying.
  4. Use your weekend free time as best – take a train, head to Rome, go to Como, go to Firenze. You will not regret it.
  5. Take great care of your bag – on the street, on the subway, everywhere. You may run out of money. And cards. Also without the house keys.
  6. Foodora is a sort of Hip Menu where you can order food at home. Someone on Instagram recommended this application and I had the pleasant surprise to find out that the food was delivered in less than twenty minutes, without much detail, just the right door.
  7. Google Maps & Siri – my best friends.
  8. The time difference is not my best friend. Carmen is in Canada – which means that when I wake up she ‘s still sleeping and when I’m having lunch, she’s barely awake.
  9. Close attention to the studio apartments that are actually posed with a super-wide lens (I should know about this) and as a result the balcony looks like a terrace. There’s no point in bringing your jumping chord with you. Or bring it, but go out in the yard! Life is life.
  10. The train and the metro are the best means of transport in Italy. You arrive from Milan by train to Firenze in an hour and forty minutes. If you want to get to Rome, add about another hour or so. ‘ If you’re late, forget about uber, they only have black cab, executive and it’s super expensive. Download IT Taxi for lower prices. You can also pay with the card.

Having said that, I will leave you with the first episode of the coming trilogy  and I promise to come back with more information about the courses. I expect your questions regarding this topic as well. Press play & enjoy! For more information about the courses and stituto Marangoni click here or visit their information center in Bucharest – 120 Toamnei Street.


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