What’s in my Fashion Fridge?

What’s in my Fashion Fridge?

Long time no audio, huh?

I’m back on track, and I so need to change this playlist, one more time this month, before we update it with Christmas songs and cozy jazz. Today I want to show you what a girl can do for the sake of fashion. I emptied my mini fridge to update it with my favourite fashion items. I have to say I love the way it looked, and since it’s a clear-front fridge, I imagined all kind of sets for like 30 seconds, while I was laying on the kitchen’s floor, staring at it.  


So this is what I have in my #lvrfashionfridge: shoes, bags, perfumes & some #diamond champagne glasses.

? Now tell me which is your favourite item from my fridge + stay tuned and follow my blog, ‘cuz we will host a festive contest with @luisaviaroma, this December 


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.23.00 PM


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(thanks Instagram for not fitting my photo, even if you updated yourself with that freakin’ “fit the whole photo” thing…)





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