Those 10 things which help me start the day in shape

Those 10 things which help me start the day in shape

My morning sport routine, those few moments spent with the cats, a fresh juice  – I’ve come up with a list of 10 things which literally enhance my mornings, helping me feel in shape, fit and at ease with my mind (God knows we need that in 2018). I hope you’ll find it inspiring. Press play and read.

  1. There is a no phone rule. This is something which entered my morning routine recently, I used to be addicted to regular phone checks as soon as my eyes were bare open. I often mentioned that I used to check my e-mails, my Instagram, my messages, then Whats’App, starting to reply to each one of them and realising a tons of mails and messages later that it’s 12 PM and I’m still stuck there. I’ve changed that, and now the only contact I have with my telephone is when I shut down my alarm and I play some music on my speakers. This is the way to start a morning..
  2. I get off bed once the alarm goes on. No snooze. The snooze I use now will be the fuss I’ll have to face later. I have to be on a schedule just to make sure there’s enough time for me as well, so being lazy after just waking up is a no go. I get off bed, I go straight to the shower and wake up there, under fresh water.
  3. The playlist is king. I have a playlist for everything, including one for my mornings when I exercise and I need to create a “feel good” feeling. I am not talking about those gym exercises, where I usually listen to B.U.G Mafia, but something more moody, more appropriate for the morning. Luckily for you, my playlist is on Youtube so if you want to give it a try today or in any other day (it keeps updating), you can do it here.
  4. Stretch, stretch, stretch – I always stretch in the morning as a rule of getting ready for the day that awaits and also for my morning exercises – that I know perform on my terrace. These stretching moves help your muscles wind down, help you relax and ensure a proper wake up. I use a Yoga mat for these moves and my absolute favorite color now is orange. Don’t ask me why, I take energy out of it I guess. You can find my orange Yoga Mat here.
  5. Coffee (decaff for me), a tea, an orange juice – these ones should come first but since we’re at a work in progress status with our kitchen, I rely on a cold orange juice. Find more about it on the next step.
  6. Morning exercises are now my top priority. To that perspective, an orange juice and a banana are mandatory before starting. After sport, there comes breakfast. We recently moved to a house and the terrace is the absolute perfect place for my sporty morning routine. As a plan for the future, we intend to create a little gym/zen room for yoga /stretching/ sport with a direct exit from our bedroom but of course, it is a work in progress initiative. The essential pieces that I bought for my home exercise routine can be found @Intersport, in Cluj or other cities (or best, you can order them online). Ever since we’ve moved to the new home and I have to go up and down on 200 stairs to get to the house, I opt for online orders, including the sport garment here. I have now two Yoga Mats, a pink one and an orange one, an elastic ribbon and two kilograms sand bags. I hope Raul will join this morning ritual in the future. I am also thinking about how cool it would be to have a treadmill for the gym we’re building at home.
  7. When it’s warm, I give up leggings for shorts, like the ones I am wearing in these photos, from Energetics. I perform my exercises and benefit from a tan and a D vitamin shot at the same time, just perfect. A pair of shorts and a top, sometimes event a top belonging to a swimswuit (check an option in black, here) represent the perfect combination for my mix of sport and sun activities.
  8. Think positive. I always try to focus on the good parts, relax and free my mind from any kind of thoughts, especially in the morning. No social media, no phones, no people to tell me what to do or ask me questions. I only answer to my family if they try to reach me or there’s an emergency. Because family always comes first. Apart from that, my phone can be at ease charging until I start my morning the proper way.
  9. I spend some time with my cats, if you have pets I am sure they’re begging for your attention from the moment your coffee first hits your cups, mine are the same. Miu Miu and Sushi, a white turkish angora and a loving european that I found in my grandma’s yard. Ten mintes spent in the egg with them by my side help me forget about the city, the office, my thoughts.
  10. I drink about one litre of water in this entire time to clean my body, hydrate my skin and accelerate my burns. I have been complimented on my compliance at various shootings and this is one reason that helps me stay in shape, keep my face clean and glowy. There is, of course, a number of other beauty tricks, but you already know about them. Everything starts with exercise, water and a relaxed mind.




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  • Ana, 1 August 2018 at 18:58

    You are such an inspiration ! This is such a perfect way to start a day ! Love it ✨❤️