This morning, in Bucharest

This morning, in Bucharest



I get there around 8:30, with a cab. The weather is breezy and my stomach almost empty due to a bad breakfast decision. Carrying my luggage, I follow the paved paved path leading to the back of the club. In the green, large yard,  old trees rise. As soon as I entered the door, in the lighted room, I get to see Javier (@javiersesi) – probably one of the funniest and most open people I ever worked with on the hairdressing side in Bucharest. It’s a bumble of energy. And talkative. He embraced me, I told him I had the feeling that he was going to be there, he showed me the look we were about to approach – a natural updo with a messy finish and that’s where the discussions started. Otherwise endless. This time at makeup I had Miki Ianovici (@makeupbymina) – she studied at Glauca Rossi Make Up School in London after which, in 2010, she returned to the country and started working with Alexandru Abagiu (the eyebrow master ). Meanwhile, he worked with photographers such as Marius Baragan, Ionut Macri, Tibi Clenci, or Gabi Hirit and worked with many Romanian celebrities. Today, I was thankful for the second time in my life for the way my eyebrows were looked, thanks to  make-up artist. Enough said.

I think one of the most beautiful things about blogging is that you get the opportunity to get to know new people and experience everything at a different level. That’s what happens just for learning to say yes. If you haven’t embarked so far on a “yes man” attitude, answering affirmative to all the things that scare and excite you at the same time, then you should start today. Life changes radically when you have a positive mindset and you are open to new experiences. Nearly half of this year has already passed, time seems to go faster than ever. It has another valence, it’s the year of speed. This morning I was at the Diplomatic Club, where Elle Blogging Awards is held this year, a prize gala with more than 10 categories in the blogging industry and over 44 nominated authors and influencers. Today we filmed for a new project with Elle Romania. Tonight, while I’m writing to you, I’m already back in Cluj. I told you it was the year of speed. Damn it,am I the only one feeling this rush??

And that Tria Alfa Earring.

Here are some photos from the shooting. Meanwhile, I’m glad I arrived back in Cluj – even for a few days, because soon we fly back to Bucharest for the Digital Divas gala. A moon full of events. The look I used today is from Seen. What is Seen and who are the #SeenUsers, you can find out here on their Instagram account. At the end of the shooting, behind the garden over the fence that separated us from the forest, thousands of poplar tree puffs were floating in the air. They were climbing in the wind like a swirl of diffuse lights, and they gave me a pleasant sense of comfort. I think it would have been worth seeing the sunset there, because all these elements made that landscape a magical one,. Enough with the day dreaming, since I had a plane to catch . Enjoy the pictures. Also pressed play, I hope!



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