The Million Roses haute-delivery. 

The Million Roses haute-delivery. 





Beautiful, huh?

Each and every one of us ladies deserves roses and I am not necessarily talking about the Valentine’s around the corner, I am mostly referring to the exquisite change that flowers bring in a room and the significant gestures that come along with these occasions. If you haven’t found out about The Million Roses yet, please allow me to introduce you within the following lines.

The Million Roses appeared in our lives in 2015 and was initially designed only as a flower delivery service, without a physical store. The main purpose of this initiative was bringing roses back in the spotlight, since the diversity on the flowers market could have taken away some of that spark. Along with this prerogative, the founder also took an emotional commitment towards his mother who also loved flowers and had dreamt about opening an eccentric flower shop.

Having all these dates in mind, it appears like Europe has its romantic arms wide open. With over 130, 000 active fans on their Facebook page (most of them being women, of course), The Million Roses creates a special kind of flower arrangements, the ones that you would infinitely post on Pinterest. The roses are arranged simply in a white or black round box that comes wrapped in a graceful bow and surprisingly, this concludes the entire package making it ready for delivery. I have to admit, they really look perfect and while contemplating their beauty and your questions on my Instagram page, I decided to pick the phone up and make some research. I found out that behind The Million Roses is an enthusiastic team putting together great efforts and energy for high quality deliverables. This translates into a worldwide presence, spreading the roses fever in 15 countries by the end of this year. Another interesting fact, within the nearest future they will be present in Greece, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Warsaw. For the moment, The Million Roses already delivers in Cluj, even if the actual flower shop will be officially opened on the 19th of February. The roses will be also delivered Sunday, on the 14th, because Saturday night they will be all up and prepared to receive a fresh delivery from Budapest. Such a nice gesture, right? ?

Your orders can be sent at the following address [email protected] or at the following telephone number +40747171002.

Hopefully I’ve helped you with your last minute romantic plans. In the meantime, I have started to build up my Valentine’s playlist (I have no other option but admitting – I also need it).

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