The gift that keeps on giving

The gift that keeps on giving
It is said that when you die all your life unrolls in front of you – all the memories of childhood, youth, maturity and old age begin to perish in front of your eyes like a movie at the cinema. You see the most beautiful moments you have spent on this earth – and some you probably do not even remember because you were in the first years of your life; well, one of those moments need to include that one when you gave him his birthday present. In his movie, of course. Call me nuts, I’m aiming for that. #AfterlifeGoals

It’s almost the first of June , another year has passed. If I knew what I was expecting, I think I would have delayed childhood for a little longer. No invoices and fees, no meetings and no obligations. The truth is there is no better and nicer place than home, at your parents. Or should I say – there no better feeling than when you are in the house of your parents? Where everything has its place – the clothes in the closet, the pajama on the pillow, the jam in the jars and the jars in the pantry, the goodies always on the table; where you and your boyfriend have even toothbrushes that says “CJ” – as if it had registration numbers … I remember that always on the 1st of June, in the morning, we were expecting a festive breakfast in the kitchen. Not what was on the plate counted, but the hazy presentation of breakfast, the colorful table with balloons, cold cocoa milk and her smile. The way day was made special. All I can tell you is that most of the time the fried eggs had eyes and they laughed to their ears.

You know that I am loving gifts that bring a message . Maybe childhood was my starting point and my learning canvas. I think the most beautiful thing you can give someone is an experience. Forget the classic perfume, any gadget or good material and invest in experiences. Think of the fact that all, but absolutely all material things are perishable, while experiences of any kind are the ones that give birth to memories that dwell over time. You could say that these moments are just as ephemeral: a concert takes a few hours and a city break for a few days. The very ephemeral and volatile of these experiences makes them harder in your memory. Search to give time. The truth is that when you work a lot, you are always on the way – the way you take your breakfast in Cluj and dinner in Bucharest, run from one event to another and unpack just to pack again, you get to the moment where all you want is to have more time for what matters. And how do you give it time, how do you kidnap it from the avalanche of “Happy Birthday” messages and from friends who want to celebrate it too.

Simple. You leave the country (because if you stay at home something will happen anyway ) – so this time I thought of a city break. Ok, city break – city break, but how do you  “gift” a city break? Do you print the plane tickets and appear with the sheets at midnight, dressed in a nightgown, all set up? I did not understand. Especially as I (again) I was coming back from Bucharest with the last plane. I had to find a moment. After long brain-storming sessions with my mom and Carmen, I teamed with Vip Business Travel and and I came up with a special gift. We are great fans of the Italian cuisine, nothing beats a plate of good of pasta and a bottle of red dry wine, so we have searched alongside Loredana for a quiet destination in Southeast Italy. Said and done. We printed the 32 polaroid photos with the most beautiful memories we only had on Instagram in StarGift’s basic kit. I sent them online and customized the package as I wished. I chose to write the handwriting for a dose of authenticity. I put the pictures down in order to make sense of the story thread, then looking at them from the top I composed a message that was filled the photos. After the 28th photo, the fun began. Under a selfie with us two at an airport I wrote “Prepare your luggage”, and the following “On 1-4 June …”, “We go to Bari, Italy”. Vip Business Travel helped me choose the best flight and accommodation options for this mini vacation to be perfect. I did not even get home, but I can hardly wait to leave. Time for #us.

This time we had no way to leave his birthday in Italy, the time was too short, and the client’s hair roots of the who were waiting for an appointment, too big. But I decided to leave on June 1, on my birthday, because I like him, I long after a few days of sea and sun, pasta and wine, peace and quiet. I think this time spent in two will be great for us.

I will take this opportunity to tell you “Happy Birthday” to you, my readers, because no matter how many years we have and how many experiences have passed over us, we will always be children on the inside. Do just what you want, learn to say no, save your time and visit your parents more often. That’s basically all. I’m coming back with a list of 25 things I’ve learned up to 25 years old. I’m waiting to see what lessons will be advised during the last night.

Notes to self: Print your memories, it’s such a pleasure to see those snapshots on the paper – and besides that, you always have them at your fingertips, you do not have to search through infinite hashtags and feeds to transport yourself back in time. # Thousandsofphotos.

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