Starting New Youtube Series & Liliac Obsessions of the Day

Starting New Youtube Series & Liliac Obsessions of the Day

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – aren’t shoes the most important element of a look? Do they tie or unleash the intention of an outfit? Bien sûr. The slingback model, the one we are talking about today, is characterized by the design with a thin strap across the heel. Of course, the slingback can be considered a type of sandal, given that we have the exposed heel – which I find very appealing. The classic drawings include Chanel’s two-color slingback, introduced in 1957 which were re-launched in 2015 by designer Karl Lagerfeld. Today I want to show you the latest addition to my shoes collection – a pair of medium-sized, slingback heel shoes in a pastel-colored lilac purple-lacquered finish. The shoes are from Humanic (you already find them in stores) and can be worn in a lot of combinations, which is why you be seing them again this summer on the blog and, implicitly, in my outfits.

After the success of the #AcBeautyModandays series – or the Beauty Episode as I like to call it,  I decided to announce during the Digital Divas Gala the start of a new series on Youtube, namely the Fashion Episode. In these videos we will talk about the items that each of us should have in their wardrobe, about how we can integrate the color of the year into our daily outfits or how we choose our looks for important events of our lives – whether we are talking about the graduation ball, the wedding of your best friend or a family event. I’m sure we will find many interesting topics for discussion, and in this sense I expect your suggestions within a comment, right here on the blog.

 On the same note, I wanted to bring you a spring, feminine and rock outfit on the blog today. I wore a pair of Humanic lilac shoes – and yes, from them I started my look because I often do so, a Metallica print rock tied in a knot, a pleated skirt from a vaporous, metallic material and a bag I found in a second hand. By the way, the second hand topic, we have to make an episode on this theme too. Also about the shoes, we also need to talk about shoes, perhaps even presenting my own collection (without hauls or showing off, but I know we can have interesting conversations on how to choose your shoe size to must have during different seasons). I fell in love with this pair of lilac shoes that you will see in other blog posts in the future, even if we don’t talk about the color of the year – and this thing is supposed to stimulate our creativity because we start wearing many colors that have been ignored so far – I really like the finish and the fact that the heel is medium and very easy to wear. I’ll see you soon on Youtube with a new series. As always, I will leave you all the details of the outfit at the end of the article.

What I Wore: HUMANIC Liliac Shoes / Reserved Skirt / Top Shop Metallica T-Shirt / Second Hand Fanny Pack / Alexander McQueen via





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