Saturday Issues

Saturday Issues

Hello, girl!

Today’s saturday, so #treatyourself! We thought about bringing you some quick, simple, helpful tips along with two outfit suggestions for your dates in what seems to be the first true spring day. Let’s start with the tips:

Put your records on! Music changes things 🙂

Call a friend! No, seriously – call someone dear and share beautiful thoughts and meeting plans.

Prepare a healthy snack for the morning and make your gym bag. Off you go!

Book a meal at a bistro with Instagram worthy terrace

Check out the program of the current season at the theater and buy two tickets!

Bonus: Read an article to inspire you on your favorite blog

We quickly drew in Polyvore two outfits that will hopefully inspire you. Enjoy!

Whatever program you choose for the weekend, make time for yourself, for disconnection and for genuine relaxing moments. After all, #treatyourself is about what makes you feel good, and if that means Netflix & chill all day, it’s ok! If, instead, you have plans for city outgoings, spend a few minutes (not dozens!) building a look that matches your mood.
Put on a show!

We’ll see you tomorrow on the blog with a different article and a new giveaway from the #NotYourUsualGiveaway series.

Enjoy the week-end!

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