Starting over

Starting over

One of the outfits I wore at the New York Fashion Week has developed a real controversial discussion in social media – and I’m talking about this post where I wear a skirt signed by Evelyne Lörincz with a gold top from OMRA. I could not believe me eyes, in 2017 we can still have such abetter discussions, with hints of discrimination, xenophobia and no proof of common sense. I was on fire. It did not take long and I came back with a quick reply that I was frantically writing – because after all, I was doing what I know best – typing sixty-three words per minute. Out on the window there were high-rise buildings with hundreds of small rectangular lights, each indicating another space in which someone was living their lives in this turbulent city. I was thinking of hundreds of variants and word combos. I lit a cigarette and read everything again. Although I’m usually ignoring negative social media comments, at that moment I felt the need to explode. I could not be silent. And above all, I could not ignore this it. Now, a few months after the whole thing, I still think that social media platforms can become good places. How? Without hate, discrimination, and irrelevant comments. You like it? Like it. You don’t? Move on. I would rather think that Instagram is a platform that unites us, which helps us communicate regardless of the distances that separate us, which helps us evolve and promote what matters. Today I’m going to tell you who you have to follow Instagram.

We went to New York and Milan with our luggage full creations from young Romanian designers- graduates of the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca – whom three months ago I watched on the runway at the UAD Gala (see here). The reason we chose to wear models signed by young Romanian designers at Fashion Week is that we want to promote Romanian values ​​and Romanian design. We have creative, courageous, cutting edge collections that don’t keep up with the trends, they only inspire and move further away on the road. As a result of special processing techniques, the jacket I’m carrying in the photos below is part of the Diana’s Chis – Fall-Winter 2017 collection (Seeing is not believing). I kept the idea of ​​black and white print on the skirt for an elongation effect, and below I wore a simple black turtleneck. The basics of Basic. Black velvet sandals support the black of the turtleneck and invite the eyes to descend. The rigidity of the jacket was, of course, in direct antithesis with the fluidity the material catches on its foot. Ready to go.

 Let’s make social media a positive & inspirational place.

The reason why we were often stopped on the streets of New York and Milan by people who wanted to find out what designer creations we are wearing and where they can find it, happened thanks to the creativity of UAD graduates. Diana Chis, Evelyne Lörincz, Emese Bako, Laura Firefly, Isabela Teodor are just a few of the names you will definitely hear. Many of these people stopped me when we were wearing that skirt, Evelyne Lörincz. Curious and with a sincere happiness in sight, these people, and especially their reactions, help us carry on the message of Romanian fashion. From Cluj to New York and from there all over the world. It’s great to be stopped by someone on the street just to be complimented for your look. And photographed. If possible, of course. I am glad that the Romanian design is appreciated abroad and I am glad to know about their success: those who have managed to think of exquisite collections. Point and end. I do not know how many tens of minutes I have actually told people about what I was doing and the extraordinary work that these talented graduates have submitted for their first collection. From one to the other, the end was the same: we showed them the same account they must follow gala_uad_fashion_design. I hope you follow this account too.


 Location: Milano, Fondazione Prada. Photos by Anca Cheregi

Carmen: Jacheta si ciorap Diana Chis / Curea Zara / Ochelari Ray Ban OCTAGONAL RB3556N / Sandale Moja / Bereta H&M

Alina: Sacoul Diana Chis / Maleta negra (find more here) / Fusta Zara / Sandale Balmain.

What about you, can you share something nice back? Do you know someone who’s worth a follow?


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