Our Favourite Wedding Dresses

Our Favourite Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is more than a fitting, it is a process – a memory in progress. You also have to be the one who says “yes” to the dress, because it all starts from you – it’s all about you and who you really are. From the fantasies we had since we were secretly trying on mother’s heeled shoes that were a few larger sizes to browsing fashion magazines and creating lots of collages that reflect our vision of the dress, the inspiration of the choice. any woman is in a multitude of things – in a multitude of stories.

Today we are browsing “some of these love stories, reminding us of some of the most splendid wedding dresses.

  1. Megan Markle – Simplicity can be great, and the dress she wears proves this; Givenchy managed again to cut our breath through his vision of femininity.


2. Kaley Cuoco (now that wețve finally reached the finale of the “Big Bang Theory” series) – A creation signed by Reem Acra, it surprises by the floral motifs, but also by the slightly transparent layer that brings to mind Disney princesses – a dress from fairy tales.

3. Kim Kardashian – She always managed to show off her body, and the wedding day was no exception. Also wearing a Givenchy dress, she managed to offer another perspective on femininity – a more sensual yet delicate one due to the long and transparent veil that harmoniously created the bride’s emotions.

4. Gwen Stefani – A “Fashion-Icon”, a soul who likes to express herself freely and with great courage, Gwen stepped to the altar being nobody else but herself, wearing a Dior brand dress that, unlike the rest, easily faded into degrades in pink tones at the bottom.

5. Yoko Ono –Going back a little, we must remember that in the end the marriage ceremony is, above all, about you and nothing more. At her wedding to John Lennon, she surprised everyone by wearing a tennis shoe at the ceremony – like stepping on the altar in a comfortable pair of shoes, right?

6. Audrey Hepburn – Femininity itself, a woman who was elegant in both her appearance and her intelligence and personality, at her first marriage, wore a dress signed by the fashion house Balmain, the brand’s pattern has been found ever since. in the oversized sleeves, the high collar, but also in the ribbon tied around the waist.

7. Karlie Kloss – Back to the present, note – the lace has been and will always remain a way of expressing femininity. In a Dior dress, she told her story in a simple and elegant way, acknowledging in an interview that one of the most beautiful memories about the dress is that at two o’clock in the morning, on the night of the wedding, she sat down and started eating cake.

8. Serena Williams – A princess in the true sense of the word, Alexander McQueen managed to “write” one of the most spectacular stories through an oversized tulle dress at the bottom, but also through a cap that went hand in hand with the whole idea of ​​the outfit. , by actually portraying Serena not only as a princess, but also as a heroine – she is a champion