News Corner: Polo Ralp Lauren x Palace

News Corner: Polo Ralp Lauren x Palace

Earlier this October, three billboards displaying Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature pony-riding jockey above Palace Skateboards’ italic logo popped up in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. As expected, Social Media responded promptly, with dozens of messages cramming the image and the idea of ​​a possible collaboration.

Typically, both brands remained quiet. Then, four days later, Palace and Ralph Lauren posted the hybrid motif on their respective Instagram accounts, with the promise that a collection was “coming soon”. #PalaceRalphLauren started gathering legions of supporters creating inventive logo amalgamations.

Two weeks later, Palace distributed a preview video on their Instagram’s account, starring Chewy Cannon, Juan Saavedra, Lucien Clarke and Rory Milanes. The graffiti engines of the Palace – a Golf Mk 2 of the 90s and a BMW 3 Series E30 – appear in the full print of the men’s clothing that the brand will launch on November 9th.

“It’s the story of a dream come true,” Palace commented on the campaign. “For Palace, there is no brand held in higher esteem than the one and only Ralph Lauren. Palace have been true fans of Polo for forever, but for many years, the prospect of collaborating with the iconic American fashion house remained in the realm of fantasy. Palace Ralph Lauren is a timeless collection that represents a love letter from a young London skateboard company to their favourite brand in the universe.”

The capsule collection is not part of a brand expansion plan, but rather born from the company’s mission to keep the dynamic and fun set up and will sit in line with Palace’s usual price points.


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