Netflix & Chill: 10 picks for you

Netflix & Chill: 10 picks for you

Seasoned in the sense that it is a period with short days, longer nights, Christmas trees, boiled wine, thick socks and fluffy blankets. That is the perfect set-up for Netflix binging. If you spend your free days this month on your way, on the airport or flying to warmer or cooler destinations (depending on your preference), I hope you already know about the download option from your Netflix account. There you have it, also available offline. You’re welcome.

We have 10 recommendations. From stand-up shows, documentaries, or series already known. Scroll down and enjoy!

  1. Narcos: Mexico. The new Narcos series explores the origins of the modern war on drugs, at a time when the world of Mexican trafficking was made up of free and disorganized confederations led by independent producers and dealers. It is inspired by real facts and tells the story of an American DEA agent arriving in Mexico in antithesis with the story of a marijuana cultivator with big ambitions to raise a drug empire in Guadalajara. If you liked the Narcos series so far, it’s a must watch. (imdb: 8.7 / Rotten Tomatoes: 85%)
  2. House of Cards. Season 6.Okay, I’m suggesting this last season with the idea that you are up to date with all the rest. If you are not, you must be. The last season has generated a lot of online rumour and has clearly divided two camps: those who have appreciated the script that has Robin Wright (in the role of Claire Underwood / Hale) in the center of the action and those who have criticized the lack of consistency of the entire release. The truth it’s somewhere in the middle, I insisted to watch it because I was curious how they would adapt the story after the whole scandal with Kevin Spacey. And yes, I really enjoyed his performance in seasons 1-5, I think he is an excellent actor, despite the problems he has and generated in his personal life
    . (imdb: 8.9/ Rotten Tomatoes: 78%)
  3. Peaky Blinders. This is a series with beautiful men, weapons, sex drugs and violence (fatal combo). The action takes place in Birmingham, England, at the end of the First World War, and takes on Thomas Selby (played by Cillian Murphy), the leader of a group with criminal valences. The dialogue, the costumes, the set up and the whole concept deserves to be watched. It has four seasons, the next is announced for the spring of 2019. So you have time to get up to date. (imdb: 8.8/ Rotten Tomatoes: 95%)
  4. Dirty money.From credit crunching to fooling cars, this series of documentaries reveals the greed and corruption network of big corporations. Makes you ask yourself a lot of questions but hey, you must keep the faith in humanity alive! (imdb: 8.2/ Rotten Tomatoes: 100%)
  5. Dark tourist. I really liked this one! Perhaps because it is about traveling and you have the opportunity to see through such a show so many places, perhaps because it has combined this idea with at least strange particularities of places or people, I do not know, but what is certain – it’s worth pursuing. (imdb: 7.7 / Rotten Tomatoes: 71%)
  6. Michael Che Matters.The best stand-up this year, word! I think I watched him at least three times and that reminded me of something I read, many times we are impressed by the way stories are told and this can often overcome the story itself. (imdb: 7)
  7. Trevor Noah. Afraid of the dark. O apariție tânără pe scena stand-up, Trevor Noah vorbește deschis despre rasism, Africa de Sud, dileme existențiale și accente. Partea interesantă este că a scris și o carte, o găsiți aici(dar și în magazinele de la noi). Deja este pe lista mea de lecturi programate pentru acest final de an. (imdb:7.1)
  8. Planet Earth. Because it reminds you about Teleenciclopedia (n.ed. RO TV show) and that, at least for me, equals mostly cozy atmosphere, diffused lights and nothing else in the background besides the voice of this documentary host. Besides, that’s how we found out interesting things about imperial penguins. And not only.
    (imdb:9.4 / Rotten Tomatoes: 100%)
  9.  The Story of God. Because Morgan Freeman and because he talks about important topics such as the importance of religion in the history of mankind, the way in which the beliefs and possible answers are linked to the major questions of life. (imdb: 8/ Rotten Tomatoes: 100%)
  10. Arthur Christmas. We could not miss a movie with and about Christmas. It’s a bit older production, but we already have the experience of older movies that we watch with the same pleasure every year (see Home Alone). (imdb: 7.1 / Rotten Tomatoes: 76%)

May you have quiet and relaxing evenings. Ah, and do not forget. In binging breaks, update your reading list for this year. The end of 2018 is approaching and our ambitions since the beginning of the year to read more have to be respected as well.



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