MyRougeG x Elle x Guerlain Brunch

MyRougeG x Elle x Guerlain Brunch

Wednesday, April 18th, on the shores of Lake Herastrau, Elle celebrated the launch of the new Guerlain lipstick in a blossoming brunch full of colourful lipsticks. Rouge G is a rejuvenated lipstick under the form of an exceptional jewellery, providing a subtle balance between intense colours and the pleasant feeling of a nourishing lip balm. Guerlain reveals the magical composition of this lipstick as a blend of ruby ​​powder – used to make a radiant look, hyaluronic acid particles for a velvety finish and mango butter for the ultimate hydration.

I could tell you about the indisputable qualities of this lipstick and I will leave you a link to the official Guerlain page to help you get an idea of ​​what I saw this week at Aqua in Herastrau, but I will also share some fun facts. Precisely I will confess that my skill in applying lipstick is comparable to a quadruped ability within the same activity. What’s interesting about this lipstick is that it comes with an uber cool device that has a mirror built in. Goodbye makeup in random rearview mirrors! I will leave you a few snapshots from the event, I was saying that the floral decor was wonderful, as if it was chosen to balance the shades of Rouge G.

And despite my lack of understanding when it comes to lip makeup, I spent more than 20 minutes in front of the stand to pick my favourite hue. The combinations used in the composition promise a balanced look that will certainly deserve the “painting” effort of the least skilful ones, just like me!

Here’s a link to the official Guerlain page. The shades are excellent for the summer we look forward to welcome. We have festivals on our checklists, outfits to prepare, people to meet. And MyRougeG.

More snapshots from the event can be found here



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