My Skin Care Routine and what’s new with Foreo Play Smart + AI

My Skin Care Routine and what’s new with Foreo Play Smart + AI


Today I’m writing you about skin care. My favorite products how and how they work for me, what are the gadgets I simply cannot miss and how artificial intelligence can help you improve your skin’s appearance over time. The skin of each of us is different and responds differently to the climate, the pollution level, and the daily care routine (which is being followed more or less). I strongly believe that concrete attention is the number one priority when it comes to a beautiful body, then the right dermatologist and a lot of patience to find those products that you will remain loyalt to for a long time.


For me, in terms of facial care, there will always be FOREO, followed by a long time of nothing (as dad says, “Mercedes, after which a long time of nothing, after which …”). The products I use, not necessarily in this order, are: Gerovital Luxury eye makeup with a metallic applicator – which I like to keep in the refrigerator and apply it in the morning for a refreshing effect, also working wonders on the bags under the eyes. In the evening I use an organic eye cream from Jehana. Dior Hydra LIFE Serum – a great moisturizing product that doesn’t work without a cream over and my favorite now is Shiseido’s Glow Booster. I use on my neckline the Clinique Super Moisturizing Cream, which I highly recommend if you feel that nothing satisfies your need for moisturizing. The mixed skin is also difficult in its own way. Dried in some areas, with a tendency to get oily in others … I end up with the Illuminiser from Vita Liberata, a product that smooths the complexion.

Not long ago we were talking about CODE CREATE and how products start to meet the consumer’s need for personalization. In the end, we are so different … the cost of DNA sequencing has fallen sharply lately, and this will lead to the emergence of many ultra-customizable products. Dot One, for example, is a pioneer in this industry and uses the individual genetic code to bring personalized products that have a unique meaning to the market. All these products work better ever since I started using FOREO – Moon skin cleanser. I’m glad to share the news with you every time, so an upgrading to the already-famous LUNA is welcome.

FOREO LUNA play smart is now the first all-in-one beauty product in the world to think about in terms of CODE CREATE, personalizing 100% of your skin care. By connecting the FOREO For You application, the two sensors begin to measure skin moisture level. LUNA smart play’s ability to measure the level of skin hydration along with the fact that your personalized care routine is automatically upgraded without thinking about it – or doing something actually is just two of the strengths of this device. With a sophisticated design similar to Luna Play Plus – a minimalist silicone device, plus two gold sensors that measure the skin’s moisture level up to 1000 units per second. This combined with FOREO For You is a 100% personalized routine for skin care and a more beautiful skin over time.


To be honest, LUNA play smart gets smarter with every use, being the only device that uses AI + machine learning to ensure that the skincare algorithm is permanently updated. Here, of course, we are talking about how it processes information – it becomes smarter with every usage and with every user who tries it. Also in the application we find a Real Skin Age score – a calculation based on the level of skin hydration.

Of course, FOREO LUNA play smart is just a plus for your beauty routine, not a replacement, and thanks to it, after-cleansing care products work better. Find your device in DM stores across the country. I’m waiting for you to tell me what are the products that work for your skin type, if you’ve tried mine and what do you think about the new skills of FOREO products?


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