My duality, my perfume. Eve Duet.

My duality, my perfume. Eve Duet.

About the fact that I like to combine perfumes I think you already know, because I mentioned this repeatedly. I simply can not decide and I like the combinations of the various middle notes and the bases that result from the mix ,revealing gradually throughout the day. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini, dual, a thing that I wrote you about the in 50 facts about me, an article that we will resume on Youtube in a new formula. Every morning I have another mood. Another mood means another look, another hairstyle and another makeup. I like to experience new looks since forever – from clothes and hair colors to different makeup approaches which I have to find an opportunity to reveal at the end. A white shirt with ruffles for Monday, a multi-colored leather jacket for Tuesday, a supersized emerald blazer on Thursday evening and a faux basque, a fake leopard fur and red lipstick weekend. My perfume must be as versatile as I am.

Avon celebrates the multi-dimensional personality of the contemporary woman by launching the new Eve Duet perfume. Eve Duet is the first perfume of its kind for the company, being also part of the Eve mega brand. From an effervescent, vibrant, fruity fragrance to an exciting, sensual, floral fragrance, in just a moment. With ingredients from Egypt, Indonesia and the Amazon, Eve Duet takes you on an experimental journey that allows you to create new variations to express your complexity, contrasts and contradictions. In fact, we are all more than a woman, our fragrance should be more than just a fragrance.

Wear it individually or mix it for a totally different kind of fragrance, depending on your mood, look, and occasion. The keywords that best describe the two flavors inspired me to bring you two radiant and sensual looks. Discover each one and play the final video for more inspiration. Which one will you choose?

Radiant РSunkissed Clementine, Pink Dawn Water Lily, Golden Amber. Happy, natural, fresh, refreshing, energizing, invigorating.

Sensual РWhite Dusk Water Lily, Wild Purple Plum, Addictive Praline, Night Blossom Jasmine. Relaxed, sensuous, soft, indulgent, elegant, sensual, expensive.




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