Morning english readers!

Morning english readers!

My latest interview, translated in english for my dear foreign followers!
The girls from People & Dreams Blog were kind enough to translate the interview in english and now I am re-sharing it with you!


Graceful, stylish and always wearing a smile. That’s how people see Alina Ceușan. If you follow her for only one day it’s enough to find in her an inspiration! Why? Because even  though she’s young (20 y.o) she succeeded in conquering thousands of hearts, from all over the world, through her passions. So – student, blogger and modelAlina Ceușan.

Before everything, tell us how the idea of the blog was born and what was or is its purpose?

„WordPress… this is the platform where you must have a blog two weeks from now, each and everyone of you, about anything you desire. I want to see that you are able to work in the admin dashbord, you’ll need one post and some statistics.” – these were the words of my OPC teacher, Deac. My blog has started one january night when I was announcing on Facebook that I’m starting a blog where I’m going to write about everything I like, a student journal.. and this announcement had success.

What does the blog mean to you?

The blog is a place where I have the liberty to write everything I want, where I can fulfill my desires for articles, my visual fantasies and concepts. I enjoy writing and you can see it in my journey articles, where I describe the places I’ve visited this summer. I’m impressed with all the attention I receive from my readers, the fact that I get all sorts of presents and photos from them. I’m happy to know that I can inspire someone. That’s what the blog means to me: inspiration – for me and my readers.

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