CASADEI FALL WINTER 2019/2020 Sidereal and flickering or with artsy touches: a luminous glow injects sparkle and innovation into Casadei’s artisanal craftsmanship. For unforgettable steps and strides. Cesare Casadei’s creative source releases unexpected reflexes. Through the vision of modern and timeless artistic scenarios, for the Fall 2019/2020 season, the most wanted pieces make a comeback with their seductive shapes revealing Italian craftsmanship and intriguing fashion accents.


The main focus is on one of the feminine passions exploded at the time of the Swinging London: printed python replaces exotic skins. Innovation makes the motif wilder for a 3D tactile emotional feel. The Carnaby Street designs not only come in grey and Sahara tones, but also show strategic brush strokes of delicate pink, sky blue and asphalt gray to convey an extremely feminine optical illusion.


If beauty is breaking the dark, nocturnal reflections make the Nico loafers shine. They are redesigned to pay a tribute to the Velvet Underground band. Their sharp pointed toe is balanced by a chunky yet harmonious and curved heel. Other versions show a metallic heel. Guided by modern and fresh intuitions, the brand also creates two different versions of the Nico style showing unique polished finishings obtained via metallic pigments giving a textured, glamorous feel to wild animal motifs.

Obscure lights define the shoes of the ‘90s range. Inspired by the artworks of Garouste and Bonetti, they reveal gold and metallic parts enhanced by the black Lycra jersey to create two-tone shades on women’s feet with sinuous yet sharp lines. A new shimmering effect characterizes the Agyness Lux range, including a wide range of models, such as boots, which echo the galactic minimalism embodied by British model Agyness Deyn, an icon of the end of the past century. Her platinum blond hair and her diaphanous face inspired the powdery glittering effects in flaming pink, gold and silver hues.


Each stride creates new reflections with the 60 mm gold and silver heels showing a toecap encrusted with crystals and the signature Casadei chain. The cozier variations of the Agyness styles reveal velvety textures with suede combined with gold chain and a coordinated gold toecap for a strong style statement. Sidereal glows are introduced with the 3Tre styles, which bare their name from Madonna di Campiglio’s iconic vertical and majestic ski slope. They can’t be considered mere boots with their three tones (silver, fuchsia and black), the abs three clasps and the three constructions showing chunky rubber high soles for winter queens.

The ankle and over-the-knee boots are also designed for a star. A modern international fashion icon like Elena Perminova with her cheerful and seductive attitude inspires the Lena styles. All the models are defined by bustier-like laced-up details combined with rounded maxi crystals, which recall theaters’ stage lights. The Crazy Diamond styles echo sparkling rainbow drops. Inspired by the color palette of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” album, each pump is associated with an exaggerated gem stone for a hyper pop effect. From the bright red of Traffic Red to the Mistery Flame or the hypnotic Royal Fizz, the vivacity of each model subverts the concept of classicism through bright colors. “Mi illumino d’immenso” ( Immensity fills me with light) is a quote by poet Giuseppe Ungaretti that Cesare Casadei had in mind when he designed his latest novelty: a pair of sandals peppered by real diamonds. For painter André Derain, light was at the core of paintings and for someone who was born among heels and uppers the ultimate sublimation of his work is obtained through the sparkle of diamonds, which for the first time embellish shoes in an unconventional way. Cesare tried to capture those precious reflections for a while. Thanks to his strenuous focus on research and innovation, he found someone who is able to use diamond powder to create delicate and memorable effects.


This exploration of new techniques led to the creation of the V Celebrity one-of-a-kind sandals showing the iconic Blade heels covered with 36-carat diamond powder for ultimate sparkle. Delicate yet resistant, the diamond microgranules make the V Celebrity style a collector’s piece. They are crafted exclusively upon request in collaboration with a Vicenza-based goldsmith and come with a geological certificate and a special packaging.


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