LOOKS: Season Glitter

LOOKS: Season Glitter

When it comes to getting out of the house on a really cold weather, most of the time I will opt for a fur as long as possible. Because I get full body warmth and I know I will not be cold on those hectic winter days. If you haven’t noticed from the first sentence of this article that I’m bad when it comes to cold weather, I tell you now. I always have cold hands and cold feet, I always look for something hot – a blouse on the neck, a fur, a thick sock, a glove, and for some time I have managed to solve all sorts of errands at home – where we have under floor heating with some shoes that will offer extra protection to my oh so sensible feet.

I thought about this coat from the collaboration with Cactus the Brand  specifically for this kind of days when you feel you cannot get out of the house. Not just for cold days. But for “I don’t want to set my foot out of the house” days. I think this shade of dark green benefits any type of hair and any hair color, and the fact that this fur can somehow become your extension, a security blanket – that’s even better. Whatever gets me out of the house when it’s foggy, cold and stiff.

We just launched the holiday collection that I’ve talked so much about on Stories, and all the pieces are now available on www.cactusthebrand.com. I’m inviting you to discover it, we will soon come back here with all the photos and look-book photos, but until then, don’t forget to watch Instagram @alinaceusan because we will post for the first time all the holiday campaign that I made together with Alex Matei, one of my favorite photographers- for the vibe, words and attitude. Needless to say, he’s also from Cluj. I’m sorry I’m actually from. Targu Mures! We created everything together, from the background to the styling, I also cut the silver stars one by one – stars that remind me of the kindergarten period (by the way you know Carmen and I were together in the kindergarten?). Every time it was someone’s day there was a long launch table up prepared, and everyone was singing Happy Birthday. I still have some pictures from that time – one of my kindergarten colleagues biting a cream cake – there was also one with me, a little bit shy, but smiling with the educator next to me – with many stars on my neck, caught on a striped blouse that was attached to a kind of 3D pouch (pretty great for that time) that could keep all sorts of little things inside  … On Instagram you will find under each of the photos posted what is the  #AcHolidaySeries for me. Until then, let’s have a look at theis new winter photos.

Get the faux fur here / Sunglasses from YSL via Koptik.ro / Boots from Vintage Corner / Jeans H&M


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