LOOKS: Biker boots and lace in Barcelona

LOOKS: Biker boots and lace in Barcelona


One of my favorite things about blogging is that I’m always on the move. Last days I was in Barcelona for Global Zoom 2017 – a world-class artistic event where over 50 countries participated and where Romania had two representatives – Sami Andronesi (Vestige Center Ville, Cluj) and Luminita (Floarea de Colt, Bacau). I know that you are aware of everything that is happening in social media, but today I wanted to bring you a new autumn look inspired by my #HUMANICSHOES boots that I did not miss in my luggage for Barcelona. This autumnm HUMANIC proposes several trends including Sparkling Stretch, Buckles and Studs, Vintage Vibes and Romantic Opulence. The classic biker boot has a fashion upgrade this fall through buckles, patches and flaming lace. When I think of a pair of boots, what I want first of all is comfort because I am always on the move, and those in the photos below are successful in this category. You can find these boots, along with other models that will inspire you this autumn, in Bucharest, in Baneasa Shopping City.

The black dark-haired shirt has a masculine air and is also filled with the wet look hairstyle which looks a lot like a pixie if you look at it straight, perfectly arranged with gel. The leather buckles and the boot tongue staples are in contrast with the feminine lace. This black and white look – a combination that you can not do wrong, made up of a Nympha black shirt with oversized, pleated sleeves, some cream feathers that were of Raul’s grandmother and which I have not yet been able to fit in my outfits here on the blog, the boots from HUMANIC and a textured bag, Elisabeta Franchi. The lamb and lace collars in the Omra lace have nicely complemented the classic look that started from the hairstyle I had on Sunday night, and I did not have a break for two days. This type of gel wool resists for a few days if it’s done well so I took advantage of the moment to take some street style photos while visiting Barcelona. I hope you enjoy! In the background I left you my last musical obsession, the song I repeatedly listened today. Ahhh, just love it!

OMRA Design Lace Leggings / Nympha Clothing Royal Vision Black Shirt /  HUMANIC Boots /  AEP Brooche / Hair by Raul Tisa.

Music: Bob Moses: Tearing me up.


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