Les Festivaliers

Les Festivaliers

I think this term has become popular a few years ago, when the Romanian festival market began to rise. If a street in the city center is blocked and all kinds of food trucks are installed, it is clear that we are talking about a Street Food Festival. And when we talk about festivals, most of us refer to Electric, Untold, Neversea or Summer Well, but the truth is that there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of festivals of all kinds somewhere in the world right now.

In the past few years we have gained a pampered status, having had the opportunity to enjoy truly special festivals that have gained an international reputation and have brought Romanian cities to the world’s tourist map, especially if we talk about music-related tourism . You can find events for all the musical tastes out there and somehow I feel that we have reached a moment of optimal diversity that also feeds a state of serenity between amateurs of every kind of music.

I also think that participating in a festival, whatever it is, means something different for each festival. And it’s okay. Some come for the music, others come for the atmosphere, for gatherings with the extended gang of friends. Some only enjoy the catwalk and it is clear that this has become a true trend, visible both in the blogging  area in the form of clothing recommendations and also in the shopping windows of our favorite stores, under different forms and approaches. I think we should look a little at the way a simple concert is different from a festival, in other words, look at the success accelerator behind an event constructed on an agenda.

First of all, for audiences, festivals are an excellent opportunity for social experiments and clearly help us broaden our horizons, starting from the idea of ​​our interaction with established artists and golden hits, but also with debutants who can propose and impose new styles. For artists, festivals are opportunities through which they can interact with something that goes beyond the individual production area, while giving them the chance to make a difference. This year, at Coachella, Beyonce made a big show, which has been discussed and is still being discussed intensely in the online environment. Publications like The New Yorker and New York Times wrote about the cultural message the artist sent to the event, finally pointing out that she was the first black female headliner to this festival. She concluded her show with a smile, adding: “Ain’t that a bitch?”. If that’s not true influence, then I do not know what is. Finally, beyond the perspective of the audience and artists at a festival, there are also all local or non-business businesses that provide us with food and hydration during the fun. A launch pad for entrepreneurs of all kinds, from the food industry to the pharma, fashion, media. You name it, the festival has it.

Now what? Well, because we have at least two big festivals around the corner, we thought about coming up with a compendium for your clothing dilemmas (and not only). Find the Festival Guide 2018 below:

  1. Keep it real. You will not mislead anyone with “made to be vintage” pieces of clothing. Get out of the comfortable bubble of online shopping and take a trip to a second hand. Find something really vintage and build a festival outift. I dare you!
  2. Stay true to yourself. Make your outfit having your style in mind, from what you like and suits you. Less imitation more improvisation!
  3. Too much is too much. This is not Halloween (and anyway, we don’t even celebrate therefore you have no excuse)
  4. Think smart! Think about comfortable choices that give you freedom of movement and encourage you to dance!
  5. Layers. Layers. Layers. You know why. it might get cold and rainy at some point
  6. Overalls, at least for one day. No particular reason behind it, I like them very much
  7. Avoid excesses. Whether it’s clothing, alcohol or food. Less is more!
  8. The gift that keeps on giving. Make a compliment to an unknown at the festival. That you like the way his socks match with his hat, the Burger barbeque sauce with the white shirt, whatever. Just do or say something nice to a stranger.
  9. Smile. Nothing goes better with your outfits than your sincere and relaxed smile. Problems can wait!
  10.              HAVE FUN!


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