It’s the season to #givebrilliant

It’s the season to #givebrilliant

December it’s that special month when we really want to shine. Beyond the glow that comes with the inner peace, love, calm, the lack of emails and stress, we also need some help. The jewels have always been a fascinating universe for me – from the small festive details from the packed box – as if every day is a reason for celebration – to the metallic shades that reflect the light with great power. Rumor has it, some might hypnotize you. Find out the latest innovations brought to you by Swarovski, what lies behind the latest collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier and which are my favorite pieces from the newest collection, all in an effervescent and festive advertorial.


I don’t know if you have seen the three videos posted on Instagram by the team administrating the Swarovski account, where some dark blue boxes float above the great cities of the world: New York, Paris and Hong Kong in golden air balloons. A box arrives on a wrought iron table covered with a thick layer of snow in Paris but one has also reached my place and I cannot wait to show you the photos. The holiday collection includes bright and sophisticated pieces. Our favorites are the Crystaldust bracelets which are made using the Swarovski Crystal Rock technique and I have to tell you, they have an unmistakable glow. Needless to say – look great worn at the neck, so if you want a custom chocker, I advise you to choose a combination of three colors and wear them together. Crystaldust bracelets come in two versions – Bangle Double and Cuff, the simple version, which is available in 8 colors. Besides the intense brilliance of these bracelets, which I especially liked, it’s that the Cuff version is quite small for my wrists – which does not happen too often.




It is said that the greatest need of man is in fact, the need for time. I have in mind for some time an article about some authentic, specific, and expected presents that awaken all sorts of emotions and joy – special gifts that you can offer on Christmas. On the list there is also a precious clock that will make her remember about “that Christmas” for a long time now. The Crystalline Oval clock has 1,700 crystals on its dial – the kind of watch that makes you feel that the time has stopped for a few moments while you are looking at. Inspired by the brightness of stars, the Fantastic statement necklace comes in a sophisticated palette of shades of gray and silver and yes, it is an eye catching necklace that attracts all the looks around you.





 Atelier Swarovski & Jean Paul Gaultier

Reverse is a reinterpretation of Swarovski crystals perfection given by the terrible enfant of  the fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier – even the song used in the background of the revealed video says “We Can break THESE chains again”, which is specific for both Swarovski and for designer. Putting together an avant-garde innovation and a perfect classic design, they created the famous “Crystal Kaputt”, and a new shade Crystal Green Scarabaeus the one that I was wearing in the photos which fascinates me. If you fancy finding out more about this subject, you can find more information here on the Swarovski Atelier page. I am waiting for you to tell me which is your favorite jewel of the shooting and especially – where would you like to wear it? It’s time to shine. These holidays #givebrilliant.




Merry Chrystal!



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