Golden Globes 2019: A Red Carpet Catwalk

Golden Globes 2019: A Red Carpet Catwalk

With one week of delay, we bring you today on the blog the most acclaimed appearances from the first major event of the year: Golden Globes the 2019 version. At its 76th edition, the gala was held in Beverly Hills and brought a a lot of surprises, both in terms of dresses and also in terms of nominees and laureates.

I’ve prepared below a selection of the most interesting ones on the red carpet. Before that, it is also worth mentioning here the great winners. Some of the films are already on Netflix (Rome, for example) or at the cinema. Leaving aside the imposing outfits, we hope you will leave the blog today with a list of must watch movies for these evenings which are still too cold.

So, the winners:

Green Book – with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Alias main actors – won the Best Movie / Comedy / Best Supporting Actor Award and Best Screenplay

Rome, produced by Netflix, won two trophies, imposing on the “best director” categories (Alfonso Cuaron) and “best foreign film”.

Bohemian Rhapsody – another favorite of this year’s gala, a biographical film dedicated to Freddie Mercury, won the best drama category and best actor in a drama (Rami Malek)

The Wife brought Glenn Close the award for best female performance

and Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse won the Best Animation Award

As you’ve probably heard, the bets have been placed on A Star is Born, a movie directed and played by¬†Bradley Cooper, along with Lady Gaga. They did win the award for the best original song with Shallow. However, despite the fact that the award for the best actress was not won by Lady Gaga, she certainly impressed everyone on the red carpet. Below you will find a gallery that speaks for itself in terms of label and elegance. Enjoy!


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