Glamour Beauty Festival: what happened?

Glamour Beauty Festival: what happened?

What I Wore: Mineli Boutique Sandals | H&M mini skirt | Zara Basic White Shirt | Sephora Lip Stain 01 Red | Heart Shaped Red Sunglasses | Issabel Lombardi Suede Finged Bag | Happiness in my shoul.

Lots of love & excitement, A.

Bucharest Otopeni, departure gates. Yes, I’m at the airport again and I finally found the time to eat a Greek salad. It’s my first meal for today because the seminar got my mind completely wrapped up. You must imagine my excitement when I spotted the salad in a big white bowl resting on ice waiting for me to pick it up. I added on the bill a Mionetto prosecco and I was finally ready to start writing. I assume that every paragraph in this text will be interrupted by something, since the boarding started, but it’s kind of comfortable; time slips away differently when I write. So let’s go.

I arrived in Bucharest last night to attend the first edition of the Glamour Beauty Festival, an event hosted in the Old Town, at Hanul Gabroveni. The Glamour magazine team invited me as speaker at this first edition of the festival and I went on and on about social media, the impact on our everyday life but also about apps and pieces of advice that lead to an inspiring feed. Briefly, it was all about: Social Media Tools & Tricks.

My presentation included both theoretical and practical parts, so I plugged my iPhone to the flat screens in the room and I began by showing everybody how I edit my photos for SoMe, what other apps I am using, emphasizing on the process behind the result that everyone sees online. I must also mention the flatlay demo – taking into account that we were attending the Glamour Beauty Festival, I decided to use as a subject for my photo, the products that I have received in the Goodie Bag from Glamour. This bag spill can be found in the gallery below but also here on my Instagram page. I was open and explained in simple words the tricks about SoMe that I have learned, about the traffic monitoring apps and about the interesting twist between art and science in the social media environment.

In the meantime, we literally have our heads in the clouds, we are heading to Cluj Napoca and the first thing that comes to my mind is clearly: the next vacation. Back at the festival, we met Clara (@tanbyclara) from Vita Liberata. They had a stall at the first floor (Sephora) and you can already guess what was happening there: spray tan sessions. Now I know, and please don’t throw rocks at me, I wasn’t aware of the fact that Vita Liberata has a spray tan product that used along a primer leads to a perfect tan that stays in place up to 7 (!) days. “Just in time for me”, I thought, it will match perfectly the outfit for the wedding I am attending tonight. I am referring of course, to the jumper dress for Manuri. Irish Clara tanned me in 5 minutes while telling me about the Vita Liberata products and their irish inheritance. “Because we are so bloody white” joked Clara. This incredibly beautiful and funny woman gave me a self tanner  – the Phenomenal foam in medium that we are going to offer by the end of this article. Are you with me?

Among the other cool things I noticed at Glamour Beauty Festival: JuiceIT launches a new challenge: 21 days of clean eating, with two days per weeks when you only drink juices. I already signed in on the waiting list. Before leaving for Greece (18th of June, can’t wait) I want to enter a 3 days detox session so I have established a delivery with the girls.

The gang from Cluj was there: Sandra Bendre, Madalina Merca, Ioana, Grama, Ioana Chisiu. I also ran into Diana Rogo, Postolatieva, Sanziana Negru – basically, everybody! – I also met some of my followers, whether we talk about my blog or my social media accounts and I also had the pleasure of meeting Bia – let me tell you more about her: Chiara Ferragni look alike, only 13 years old, who already runs a blog. And that’s happening for a while. I was impressed by her willingness to write everyday on her blog, as soon as she returns from school and I also realized the amazing advantage that times offers her. I am now realizing that I am 11 years ahead of her. Anyway, check my photos with her in the gallery and take a look at her blog.

Estee Lauder, Benefit, Urban Decay, Beauty District, Sephora, Givenchy, Elisabeth Arden, Too Faced also participated in the Glamour Beauty Festival and had substantial discounts for the participants. We can’t wait the second edition, maybe in Cluj Napoca – why not? You can watch below the photo gallery from the event, I have also included here some print screens of the photos I took with my phone. Enjoy.

And now the contest: We have a pHenomenal foam to offer and a Vita Liberata glove, so if you want to join the contest, share this article from my facebook page (that you can find here) and leave me a comment in the section below with the look that you would wear immediately after using Vita Liberata. If you work better with visuals, set up a look in If you like to write, stick with the words. Choose your favorite and wait for the winner to be announced, on the 13th of July. May the best description/visual win! 

Update: The pHnomenal foam & mit winner is …this beautiul set, made by Andreea.



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