From VINYL to DEVIALET – Or The Secret Of Time Travelling

From VINYL to DEVIALET – Or The Secret Of Time Travelling


A few days ago I was at home – Carmen was slowly falling asleep on the couch after drinking a medicine to help her with her cold, Carla was drawing a sweater from Ioana Ciolacu under the tree that was already decorated for Christmas.

I press Command + T. I open a new tab and write fast: Youtube, Snow White, Vinyl. It’s an old story, something from a very long time ago – and it’s the most beautiful of all I’m listening … that’s exactly where my favorite stories start. This kind of audio takes me over time and if I close my eyes, for a moment it seems like something pulls me back in time, like a tunnel, a black hole in which you beam so fast that the body’s profile leaves a colored path in it just like a quick brush of an abstract painting. I wake up coming back to my own body, but to other dimensions. I sit back in my bed with my hands crawling over the blanket, thinking what story is now playing. I was not listening to the vinyl, that one was only available at my grandparents. At home I had a tape recorder, a tape which had two parts and all the time I had two stories to listen to before I had to turn it back. With the pencil.

I’m still sensing that comfy vibe I had in bed at home when we were listening to this story. It’s maybe a minor detail, but whenever I want to hear it again I connect my laptop to my Phantom Gold Devialet speaker box  that I have from the AV Store. The sound reproduces, of course, a copy of the vinyl experience and helps me return to that  particular moment in time. I’m curious if you also have such multi-sensory experiences, if there is a smell, a taste, or a piece of tape that takes you back in time for a few minutes. And since we started talking about pick-up & co, you can find this type of device at AVstore as well – pick up – but from a different perspective. You can check here their current offer and figure out what I am talking about.

This speaker box is unique. It’s not just another wireless speaker. It’s generating sounds using revolutionary technologies invented by their engineers in France. A coherent sound with real physical impact, because it uses the air in the room for low frequencies. The bold and warm bass impresses even the most demanding listeners. Clearly, the quality of the piece you’re playing is crucial here. We’re listening to music on Tidal, I’ve made some playlists with my favorite tracks from Depeche Mode, Sade and Prince to Drake, The Weeknd and 30 Seconds To Mars, all of them are there. Each piece deserves to be “tested” at this box because the bass of the Devialet Phantom Gold can’t b compared to anything. But my favorite is the one below (press play just below to change the switch). The Devialet radically changes your audio experience, and I somehow knew that we will spend more time at home organising all types of parties around this speaker box; besides that, it also brings a very cool design, as you can see in the pictures. A lot of people can’t tell at first sight that this is actually a speaker.

The charm is still here. My children will probably hear the stories that are hard to find on vinyl at the same box. We will find a modern bluetooth pick-up to connect the Devialet to. I guess what I am trying to say is that regardless of how much we’ve grown and advanced, the roots remained the same. The vinyl and that sound of Christmas tree candy opening are the sounds I am looking for during these evenings. In some other evenings, the speaker box goes up to the full potential – and here either you believe me or go to the AV Store showroom in Bucharest for the full sensory experience – Sade – Smooth Operator, Jimmy Hendrix – Hey Joe, Sting – Fields of Greensau Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy being just a few of the songs we’ve been listening to at the last ad-hoc party at home. Yes, you can make a party with a single wireless speaker. But not with just any speaker box, with a Phantom Gold. And don’t even get me started on the vibe that you can get once you connect two such speaker boxes.


Now, as we are approaching the end of year, among parties and stories, it’s time for us to dream. And that’s one of the ways you can become a kid again for twenty minutes. Metaphorically, if you put on your mother’s coat what does it mean? That you grew enough to think about yourself as an adult? Or if you sit in the hallway, ready to go to work, and hear the vinyl in the background, dressed in such a piece – it means you’ve tricked the time, right?

The coat suits you just fine, but you’re still listening to the story. That doesn’t change the details of the problem – that space between now and then has the color of the coat, the hair turns from blonde in brown and I find myself again in the same place where I started. At home.


#AcHolidaySeries TIP

For technology enthusiasts around you,go have a look at the AVstore, you might find suitable presents for them. I visited the place a few weeks ago and filmed a tour of their location in Bucharest to see what they got in store.



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