Fashion Radar: 2018’s Animal Prints

Fashion Radar: 2018’s Animal Prints

There are trends, seasonal ideas that sneak from the catwalks in the everyday style, and last but not least, there is mass proliferation of an idea that precedes notoriety. In 2018, exotic prints have been remarkable in a number of approaches and interpretations, from catwalk appearances to major events in major capitals of the world to unprecedented presence in street-style snapshots that are constantly accompanying Fashion Week. Sophisticated and versatile, this style is firmly installed in this year’s favorite trends, becoming a neutral item in elaborate design.

In fact, industry has repeated this idea over the seasons: the leopard has never disappeared. But thanks to the performances this year, some tracks were highlighted being quickly transformed into obsessions. At a time when sexuality, strength and female vulnerability are intensely discussed, there is comfort in this dressing approach. In her 1954 textbook, The Little Fashion Dictionary, Christian Dior wrote that “to wear a leopard you must have a certain type of femininity .” If you’re fair and sweet, do not wear it. See below our favorite animal print selection from 2018. Scroll and enjoy!


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