Dior Backstage 2018

I reinvented all the indispensable products in my kit for both makeup artists and all women who want a professional result with intuitive formulas and easy-to-use accessories “– PETER PHILIPS

Dior Revitalizes Makeup with Dior Backstage: the first line of inspirational makeup products designed by Peter Philips, creative and image director of Dior Makeup for all women who want a professional result. “With Dior Backstage, I wish to use my knowledge and experience for the benefit of all. My team has to be able to work anywhere, in the effervescent atmosphere of fashion trends. Each kit must be a real survival kit for the make-up artist and at the same time it needs to fit universally. That’s why I reviewed all the indispensable products in my kit, both for make-up artists, and at the same time to suit each woman. They are effective products that offer a professional result, but are also easy to use “explains Peter Philips. For all women, this versatile and adaptable line of products has already conquered 50 talented make-up artists, as well as the most demanding mannequins that adopted it immediately.


Peter Philips’s indispensable backstage product kit

“At the heart of our Backstage collection there are indispensable and easy-to-use products. Lip Glow Balm, Lip Maximizer Lip Gloss or Lash Maximizer, which among many others, are perfect solutions for women’s beauty needs. Season after season, I put my backstage experience at service to make essential, more user-friendly and wearable products for all women: neutral tones with professional, adaptable formulas that allow women to play with color intensity and fit with all the shades of complexion. ” Composition of this range: 40 shades of foundation, 2 eye palettes, 2 for eyebrows, 1 for face sculpting, 1 for illumination, 1 for lips. 14 brushes complete the range, out of which 7 for the eye and 7 for the skin, an essential one, n ° 11, for the easy application of the foundation. Transparent and stylish, the box lets you view colors at a glance, this being an advantage for make-up artists in the electrifying atmosphere created by the fashion shows and for women who want to find the right hue immediately.

A Face & Body Face Cream resistant to the challenges of fashion shows, with natural and luminous effect thanks to the 40 universal shades, the new Face and Body Foundation fits with all the complexion colors. “It’s my key product. I wanted 16 different intensities, but especially 6 tones of skin: pink, olive, yellow, beige etc. … In total, 40 colors that allow all women to find the hue that is closest to their complexion. ” With its fluid, “second skin” texture, this adaptable skin provides a personalized intensity. Its waterproof formula resists heat and humidity, as well as the effervescent atmosphere in the backstage and on the catwalk. Called “Runway proof,” this natural and lustrous skin is also required as an indispensable product for the body, as it reveals the brightness of the skin while masking small imperfections. Besides the transparent bottle, so practical for make-up artists, the precision applicator allows you to apply the ideal product dose from the very first moment.


Professional universal palettes

All formulas were designed by Peter Philips in collaboration with Dior laboratories for resilience, adaptive coating and “second skin” effect, while being ultra pigmented, an essential requirement for make-up professional artists. As for the nuances, at first sight the tones seem neutral, but once the degree of coverage is modulated, the colors can become very intense. The adaptable nature of the formulas allows the creation of countless effects, to the delight of the professionals involved in the shows, but also of the women looking for different looks.

“I wanted technical but not intimidating products. Light colors, all palette colors can be combined, they adapt and embellish all women, any skin tone. In each box, shades are ranked from the most natural to the most powerful, and on the back of the packaging it is mentioned the function that each texture fulfills” adds Peter Philips.

For the finishing touch of an impeccable and bright skin Peter Philips has designed two essential palettes: – Glow Face Palette, a secret weapon with ultra-fuzzy textures and a high concentration of pearl, which creates a natural and ultra-light, the famous “glow”. “The lightest shades are applied in small tints for the illumination of the face. With pale pink we wake up the tern. Finally, for a warm effect, apply the tanning powder “says Peter Philips. – Contour Palette, for impeccable contouring. Depending on the color of the skin, one of the two shades that capture light and one of two darker shades that carve the oval of the face with textures so fine that they melt on the skin without leaving any traces.

Fuller, multidimensional lips

Lip Palette is the palette containing perfect neutral shades for all natural lip colors. It fits both women who want a soft makeup and those looking for an intense result. With 3 shades of glossy effect, 3 shades of satin-like lipstick and 3 ultra-pigmented matte shades, they can be used as well as makeup, volume, contour, or lipstick. “I wanted to give women the opportunity to create monochrome, simple lips but also a more sophisticated effect.”

A structured look

In Eye Palette, the makeup offer is as vast as it is made up of two harmonies, one hot and one cold. “Besides the 8 shades with different effects (matte or iridium), I wanted a make-up base with a very creamy texture. It provides resistance, but especially enhances the applied color “explains Peter Philips.

Carved eyebrows

For eyebrows, Peter Philips designed two Brow Palettes, in which he placed 1 fixation wax and 2 powders in powder form. In the “Dark” version, we discover a harmony of warm shades for dark eyebrows, 2 tones of chocolate and 1 pink wax. In the “Light” version, the cappuccino tones are in the forefront for the formation of light-colored eyebrows. “There are two options for how to use it: for thicker eyebrows, the two shades of shades should be mixed, but for size, the lighter hue must be applied at the base of the eyebrow, and the darkest at the outer edge of it” explains Peter Philips.

Art of detail

“For impeccable application, quality tools are needed. We have created a range of Dior Backstage brushes that will help apply make-up under the best conditions.” Like the whole range, the brushes were also designed by Peter Philips up to the smallest details, from shape and up to the material from which are made to meet the most demanding requirements of make-up artists and the expectations of all women.

Dior Backstage Pass

The new Backstage campaign takes us in the middle of the makeup preparations behind the scenes of a fashion showdown. Four top mannequins, who participated in other Dior campaigns were left to Peter Philips: Bella Hadid, Chu Wong, Manuela Sanchez, and Ruth Bell. This universal range adapts to their different colors and reveals the beauty of each of them in a unique way because they are young, spontaneous, fresh, fashionable and especially unique. “It’s the first campaign I’m in. To demonstrate how easy it is to use the products, I performed a make-up on all the faces in one sequence even while I was filming, to show how many looks are possible. We created the makeup in three stages, from natural to intense. And stay around, because there’s more from where that came from” –Peter Philips.

“Dior Backstage is a range inspired by my backstage work, with all my essential essentials in neutral colors, with professional, adaptable formula that suits every skin type.”



Here is the look of the show with the new essential #DIORBACKSTAGE Line! Natural and radiant complexion with the FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION slightly sculpted with the CONTOUR and GLOW PALETTES. Translucent eyelid with the lighter shades of the EYE PALETTE 001 WARM NEUTRALS that match the model skintone. Strong eyebrows thanks to the BROW PALETTE. Finally, natural lips, smoothed with the LIP SUGAR SCRUBBER and subtly heightened with the pink gloss of the LIP PALETTE!


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