DECOR: The Bedroom

DECOR: The Bedroom

Music: Bob Moses – I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry

You will come into the house and as you walk straight into the hall, you’ll have two options: two white doors that open two different universes. Open the door to the left and in front you see a white carpet with long thick yarn that lashes diagonally. In front of a TV combo that floats over the heads of two Buddha statues holding white luminescent spheres in their arms. With her eyes closed and her scratchy hands, the two statue look like they have been there forever. Comfortable, a minimalist, dark-gray TV with a curved, dynamic foot support sits on top. Turn your gaze slightly to the left, on the front wall there is a huge picture of an elephant crossing the high grass of a savanna, at sunset. Below this picture, a wrought iron bicycle, engraved with name and place. The bed, a place between the sacred and the profane, the dream and the realm of the subconscious, stands on the left side of the window. The head has a white glossy edge, and on the inside it is lined with a white velvet; deep buttons battered, are dressed in the same smooth material. Bedroom is the realm of dreams, it’s where you retire with your partner, it’s the place you forget about the world, for a few hours, or on the contrary, you create yours. For me the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and we decided to decorate it in neutral, quiet shades. The walls are painted with matte paint – a beige – what did she say to her? Taupe? With a hint of rose. Bed linen comes in many colors: white, black, emerald green, navy, but my favorites are gray. Drapes are also gray – just to give you the intimate atmosphere you need.

At the beginning, when we moved into this room, we did not have a TV set, so the table was always full of candles, decorations and photographs, and even the lighthouse taken from an antique shop in Cluj. But in the meantime I realized that on some Sunday evenings I want to sit lazy in bed and watch TV, not an empty, flat wall, missing something. At one point I was thinking of moving the elephant over the mirror comet, but of course it was part of the “obsession to have everything lined up” / OCD much?

I saw the picture on the left and the empty commode… completely removed from the context, from what it could have meant as a visual impact and that bothered me. I would have put something there and did not know what. And then I said, why not a TV? For serials and movies, for stories in which you want to hear something in the background, for comfortable nights in the cocoon that the pudding forms over tired legs? When I first interacted with Ambilight technology, I realized that it was missing from the room and no, it did not hurt the atmosphere I wanted, and more, it was a plus. Why? This revolutionary TV model comes with LED technology that plays in real-time a halo of light around the screen while watching a movie for example, making viewing more exciting. When I watch a movie, I like to give my loud volume and get in bed. Experience a moment similar to what I have at the cinema. The popcorn is usually a bonus and I always remember about it only after the movie starts and the lion that blows MGM on the screen appears …

With Ambilight all the actions that are rendered in real time, in the color on the wall, which gives you a sense of convenience and puts you in the movie atmosphere. #FlightMode #Cinema. In addition, the Netflix button I’ve found on my remote has marked me for life. I don’t think Netlix needs another introduction, it’s the biggest online streaming service – leave it at the touch of a button and I have in front of me all my favorite series and movies. On lists, by categories, what you want. Another reason why I chose this TV is because I did not want to agglomerate the bedroom, I think it must be the most airy and relaxed room in the house, so the Philips Ambilight TV fits perfectly into the landscape, on the mirror table, which until now has been messing with me. Further? Shall we?

(Obsessed with candles. Bedroom Aroma: Zara Home, Ginger Lily)

TV Philips Ambilight –


Buddha statue –

Mirror box –

Touch Me white rug-

Flamboyant velvet pillow –

Being an old apartment located in a building that is also a historic monument, we always wanted to keep the old frames of the windows, frames and interior doors, but also the parchment. The parquet is the one we found when we bought this apartment. We loved it a lot, I think when you have the privilege of decorating and eventually living in such an old apartment (about 1800), it is essential to preserve somehow the classic style in which they were built and given to use. Ragged, varnished in several layers, the flooring looks impeccable today. If you feel a scramble under your feet, know that you have entered another realm. Nightstands are also travel-inspired, are made of solid wood. At Orginine – a coffee table we received from a friend and we decided to cut it in two because we liked too much both of us had no privilege to see it (each with its bedside) every morning. It’s the first thing you ever see, if you’re thinking.  I’m telling you I’m sleeping on my side with my face oriented towards this table. On the bedside, two mirror jewelry boxes that we use to store creams and other miscellaneous things. And here we are at the end of the first article in the series of decorations, articles in which I will talk more about the decorations, the apartment and new ideas. Until then, I will leave below photographs and animated jokes from what I have told you above. If the play is over, click play again, the track below is Bob Moses’s I’m Not Gonna Be The First To Cry.

We will talk about another room in the house in the following Decor series. In the meantime, don’t forget to watch me on Youtube because, as promised, we are going to do a video tour of the apartment, and I will post a small teaser, so that if you’re in need for inspiration, stay tuned.



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