Business Institute for Creative Industries: BICI by Mirela Bucovicean

Business Institute for Creative Industries: BICI by Mirela Bucovicean

Good morning, today I want to write to you about BICI, a professional development platform for young entrepreneurs activating in creative industries, but also about how you can develop yourself after a course like this, how to focus on what matters to you + how to start doing things for your dream TODAY, so grab your coffee and let’s talk. We talk about continuous learning, about my motivation in everything I do, about the steps you can take towards a successful business. Press play to set the mood.

I am a curious person by nature, all the time I imagined that my mind is like a sponge, always and always eager to absorb more knowledge, more know-how about almost anything. Fashion, technology, art, economy, environment, history, beauty, sustainability, tradition, geography, ethics – all separately and especially, interconnected, because that’s how you learn to make connections. I am interested in all fields, as much as my main passion, fashion.

I discovered this continuous learning process more intensely when I attended the Trend Forecasting course at Istituto Marangoni, in Milan. I had so much research to do in the three weeks of the course, that I felt my mind was sharper, I read the pictures in a few seconds, I organised a volatile moodboard in my mind that it seemed like I could reach it, like a huge digital screen. , where you could move the images to your liking, so that you get a visually pleasing but also coherent final result in terms of the concept, in record time. In writing, I was organising my ideas better than ever. Maybe because of the fact that, finally, I was studying something that interested me completely. I feel like history will repeat itself at BICI, where I have already registered.

Business Institute for Creative Industries or short and very catchy,BICI, by Mirela Bucovicean represents the first module that reveals to creatives from the entire spectrum of the fashion industry (clothing, accessories, designers, stylists, manufacturers, suppliers, journalists, online or offline retailers) the steps towards a successful business.

I think everything comes down to training, and when it comes to business, we all started somewhere, we beat ourselves, we hit the wall and tried maybe, little by little, to understand what’s all about, actually to learn from the experience of others. And then to apply and make sure that we are not stuck in the theory stage, of course. So when a person who always inspired me through everything she did – Mirela Bucovicean, founder, Molecule F Concept Store and Molecule PR, comes up with the idea of Business of Fashion, the answer has to be no different than YES WHERE? COUNT ME IN. The concept is committed to sharpening the idea of the entrepreneur, building a strong base for launching, assimilating a suitable financial model but also building a support network composed of key people to launch a business with a high potential for success,

Let’s tell you what are the topics that will be addressed during the 7 days of Friday, because the course takes place in Bucharest, every Friday, from 18:00 to 22:00 (they got us, working people! ). For those who are not from Bucharest, you can also participate live, via Skype, so you can ask questions, discuss certain topics, thus actively participating, but remote to all this experience. (Also good for me, always on #ontheroad)

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction: Fashion as a Cultural and Social Landmark: Success stories, stories of failure / Learning at the beginning of the road.
  2. From Ideas to Success: More than an idea, a complete package / Brand development; Your offer and to whom it is addressed / Market and Competitor Analysis / Differentiator.
  3. Production & Distribution Channels (Online vs. Offline).
  4. Business Plan: Implementation / Identification of solutions for your business problems; The revenue model.
  5. Start-up!
  6. Marketing & PR: Communication strategies / How to become known / How to form a trend.
  7. Network & Pitch.


First of all, because you shouldn’t  “leave for tomorrow what you can do today” something that works in the context of developing (personal, your brand) better than ever. In an era of communication and speed every second matters, and if you can do something today that you (or in the future) would like to thank, that is one of those things. The course costs 1980 lei and is available exclusively, here. To be honest, it’s a good price, even low (400euro) for what it offers – experience gathered from all the professionals in the industry, know-how, things that can be applied for guaranteed success. At the same time, beyond the theoretical part, this course discusses everything you need for your brand: launch campaigns, names, brand building, how to make a business plan, sales channels, analysis of the target audience and in general, what to expect from this industry. Curtain-less discussions, which are behind the business, beyond the alleged glamor. It’s basically a good course and if you are in the beginning (people say it’s mindblowing) and if you are already in the field – online, fashion, beauty, journalism you name it (those who participated say that it changes your perspective from what you look at things, like a new breath for your business.)

Another reason is that every week Mirela has industry guests who talk about their own business experience in the field. An example would be Venera Arapu who comes to talk about her start up experience, how to build your own collection, what to pay attention to. Andreea Bădală (Murmur) about international exposure, PR agents, how do you end up having names like Gigi Hadid, for example, wearing your brand. Manuela Ciugudean – personal branding specialist, Elena from Banca Transilvania to teach us figures and how to make a BP and the list goes on.

If you need another reason, or a sign, I will tell you such a simple personal experience – mind-blowing to be honest, which brought me where I am now. I was recently moved to Cluj, at the university. I was working part time to support my passion for fashion, film photography and other essentials as a student in Communication and PR. One day, browsing pages online, I came across a quote “What did you do today for your dream” – I liked it so much, it hit me so hard at the moment as I stayed on the edge of my bed, with my laptop in my arms and I looked at the screen, reciting: What did you do today for your dream … * and my mind went crazy *: what you did today Alina, you went to college, but you did not reach the course this morning it’s a minus, of course, you were at work, that’s fine, money coming soon, but what did you actually do for your dream?

At that time I had an account on Chictopia where I used to post looks using the small variety of clothes I had available, I had a Polyvore account where I had all the clothes online and when I say all, they are all, everything you can see online as an image and where I was doing sets, I was imagining myself as this magazine editor who was in charge with this stuff … in the end, I was doing something, but I was practically doing nothing, everything was in the air, it had no direction, I wasn’t doing something tangible, I didn’t go to the events in Bucharest to recommend myself, I am Alina Ceusan, I am passionate about fashion. I have never knocked on the door of a publishing house to tell them I like to write, nor to the door of a photo studio to ask them if they need an intern.


In parallel, I decided in a fraction of a second that the project – the exam for Prof. Deac will not be a blog, a site that I will forget about two weeks after the exam will pass. What you did today for your dream, written in English, brought me here today. You have to trust yourself, before do, you have to applaud the success when there is no one there to tell you that you are on the right track, believe first in what you do. Two weeks later, at the exam, the teacher told me, after seeing the views, the blog, the first article – My blog in an evening attire (hence, fashion!) “Hold the blog, you could make money from it.” What did he mean back then? On Google Ads, click ads, or campaigns for LUISAVIAROMA (site I was struggling to find clothes for my collages), DIOR, GIVENCHY, ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, AVON (as I reached the cover of the brochure I was browsing under the bank in high school !?) and the list goes on … I did arrive there, but not in a day, in years. And the difference is given by the approach.

I wrote on a sheet of paper “What did you do today for your dream?” and I framed it – got off a fucking picture of an editorial fashion, torn from a magazine and replaced the WHAT IF with LET’S DO THIS, step by step, day by day as I worked for my dream. What you read now here. Now is time to take the dream further, I have been working at my own brand for over a year, we are preparing to launch it with fast steps and I want to be prepared by the best in the field. Mirela and her guests.

What did you do today for your dream? I’ll start all over again, starting with October 4th, from 6pm at BICI. See you there. Sign up here if you missed the link. Let’s do this.


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