Bags as an investment – How to choose your first bag?

Bags as an investment – How to choose your first bag?

Did you know that according to a recent study, buying a certain type of handbag from a known brand might be better for long-term investment than gold or stock values? As Lana del Rey says in her  song (if you haven’t played it yet) –it’s enough to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy. Branded handbags are simply an investment for any woman. How do we choose the bags to invest in, which type of bag fits and what is the first trunk you should think about when the time comes? Let’s talk today, this time written here, on the blog. Don’t forget to take a look at the YouTube channel tonight, because we’re launching the first #AStylingIssue / FASHION series. Press play and enjoy.

Choose your bag  taking your height into account

If you’re short, don’t rush into buying big bags, because they’ll make you look shorter. Look for small and medium options, depending on the occasion and the moment of the day. A very big bag will disproportionate the entire look, but one in the right size can lift you – optically, of course. Also in the category of good-looking bags on minions are the structured, geometric bags with a well-defined shape. (Like the one I’m wearing in this post).

If you are a tall girl, go to the medium or large options that will compliment each of your looks – eventually, when you invest in a bag, you want to wear it as often and in as many combinations as possible. You have an edge because you can choose both geometric, stiff and very fluid, long-lined bags (see Stella McCartney Chain/Saggy Faux Deer Bag).

Choose a bag in accordance with your silhouette – what you want to emphasize, but also according to your everyday style.

If you have a waistline, choose a shorter shoulder bag that sits exactly on the waist to accentuate this area. If you want your hips to look bigger, choose a medium bag with a longer strap that stays at the height of your hip, giving you a more feminine look and an eye-catching hip.

Your favorite style and brand are personal choices, but you have to keep in mind – once again – that being a big investment, you have to think about your everyday style. If you’re in the office everyday, the bag that I wear in today’s look does not help you, but you can go on more classic versions – here are some classy proposals we’ve found on



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If your style is eclectic and you don’t have an office job, then you can give freedom to your imagination, from application bags to funny messages and unique textures, they’re all yours. I have come back here with some of my favorite variations at this time.


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The must-have handbags that each of us should have at their disposal – from the black or nude clutch designed for stylish evening looks and special occasions, as well as a black, medium-sized bag, must also be on your list of priorities. My point is that when you invest in a bag you do it because you want quality, because you want these products to remain in your wardrobe for a long time and why not, leave them as legacy later. I know, I know, long time ahead, but all these shopping items, which for many people seem trifle, turn out to be real time investments. You will not need 20 bags, instead you can invest in only two. You will not need all the models, the last collection on the runway, if you have 3-4 quality bags, believe me, it’s an upgrade for you, for your wardrobe, for your looks.


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Regardless of your choice concerning the brand/model, think about the style and design you always resonate with. Your first choice – the impulsive choice to say so, is always the choice you actually want to do in your subconscious. It was the same for me with the first bag from Yves Saint Laurent, then with Burberry, Lancel and many others and now with Gucci, which is very dear to me. At the moment I feel it fits in almost every look – from a casual, everyday – with boyfriend jeans, tshirt and sneakers, to a more atypical look like the one I wore at the opening of the NYX store in Iulius mall – a signed skirt by Oana Lupaş, over a silky black dress with funny things applied on the nipples and sneakers. You do the rules here, babe!