10 Things to Try During the Holiday Season

10 Things to Try During the Holiday Season

I think when we think about holidays, the automatic enumeration that happens in our minds goes like this: Christmas tree full of lights – bokeh, sour meatballs and warm bread, satin bowl on gifts that quickly unwind under curious eyes, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, puppies, cats – the whole family. Story-like snowflakes falling from the sky, oranges or mandarins, cinnamon, Kinder, and candy with cherry jelly. The sting that wraps when you open them and then hangs in the Christmas tree until January. Fire of wood, skis, snow that scratches your cheeks, steamed windows and plateaus. “Home alone”. Rummy. Scrabble. Eggs stuffed, maybe boiled, brandy, carol, fur coats, velvet, wool socks, the cat on the sweater I have from Ciolacu.

Here are 10 things you need to do this year, during the holiday.

  1. Surprise your best friend. Or your lover. Something they really need – often the most beautiful and most appreciated gifts are the ones we do ourselves. Add something customized to this year’s gift. They will certainly appreciate it. An idea for your bestfriend is a FOREO Play Smart (I know, I’ve talked about this one so much, but you’ll see how much it will change her beauty routine). I’m gonna prepare one on behalf of Santa for Shay, who slept without removing her make-up  the last time she was with us. Girl, are you for real? Tell me what color you want. For him, buy some plane tickets and appoint a flight to a romantic destination in Europe, a ski holiday if he’s passionate about this or a face cream. Winter is though for their skin as well and if they don’t take care of it, you should!
  2. Search for classical gifts this year: a polaroid, a book (even read by you and then passed on), a microscope or a science telescope, a Scrabble game, or a Rummy for activities that can be done within the family. A pair of wool socks, a photo camera, a vinyl with an old story – here’s one of my favorites.
  3. See what winter activities you can do now, here, in your city. Go to the ice rink, visit a museum, buy tickets to the theater at the pieces that are now staged, spare yourself a relaxing massage – or better – a whole day at the SPA.
  4. Call your grandparents – quicker this time and tell them that you miss them, there’s no way you can not. Call your relatives gone, send a message: are you okay? Sometimes such a message counts more than any gift.
  5. Immortalize your favourite moments of celebration with a movie camera (like in the old times). Capture these moments even if you don’t have a vlog. Or a Youtube channel. Dot it for yourself, so you can better remember moments over time. I know my mom always longed for a a video camera when we were young to capture all these moments. Have some moments caught in the video forever. Mom, you need to have a look at Cudeea’s Vlog Episodes, HERE. THEY ARE AWESOME. I WILL RECORD EVRYTHING FOR YOU AS WELL, IT’S WHAT I DO. You can make a memorable moment whenever you want.
  6. Clean up the clothes closet, pick old pieces that you don’t wear anymore, but still look good and send the box to  someone who needs it. If you know any special situations and you know you can help someone, ask for the address and send the parcel. Share from your belongings.
  7. Keep your time for those resolutions from 2015 that come up every January, live your life here and now, for you.
  8. Send a Christmas card. I’m sure that while writing this, you already know who’s for. See? You have a name in mind. Just do it. It’s such a beautiful gesture in an era in which we “forgot to live” in real life – as one of Delia’s latest songs says. Send a letter – a gesture. In 2018.
  9. Since it’s night already around 16:30 – and that long summer days with laughter and lots of sunshine are still far away, give yourself more time. During the night I am always inspired to create, so during this time – when I don’t take advantage of the daylight for photos, I write. I’m checking out all the treatments I can do at home – starting with a FOREO face mask, I might also have a SPA Saturday night, something that you can try anytime in your crib- a hot water bath, salt and essential oils. Trust me on this. You’ll thank me after.
  10. Write. Even if you don’t write; what’s the matter? It’s a very good form of relief- write your thoughts, plans for the future, write down everything. You know that the law of attraction works better when you not only visualize things, the situation – as if you were already there, but also writing. So just do it. You can start with a letter to Santa Claus if you want ?. Luna Play Smart is a good gift idea anytime – and I put a few on the list for my Christmas gifts.



#AcHolidaySeries TIP

Find a drawer in the house that you can dedicate to your Christmas presents. Or for gifts in general. Purchase them one at a time before Christmas, throughout the year, it will be easier to start packing on the 22nd-23rd when you have everything at your fingertips. And get creative when it comes to packing gifts. This year I believe I will go on natural paper and fir twigs. Check my Pinterest board for more inspo (yes, yes, I have a board for anything) and nice ideas for wrapping your holiday gifts.

I hope I have helped you with these tips and tricks when it comes to holidays, gifts and special moments. Don’t forget to leave me a comment to tell me – by enumerating how I did at the beginning of the article, what holidays mean for you and you can win a cleaning brush from FOREO, a Christmas present from us. Kisses.

I’m wearing a Sweet Paprika polka dot dress, Belher Ponytail and Zara Boots.





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