10 curious things about Mauritius

10 curious things about Mauritius

We spent our last day of vacation in a resort from Grand Baie, we had lunch on the terrace, enjoyed a cold beer and then left for the beach while a surreal background was developing around us, where the blue turquoise ocean was interlaced with the green palm trees and the golden sand. While writing, I’m just realizing that words can’t describe well enough the set up.The inner side opens with a high ceiling that gives you a sense of height and freedom; the hallway continues with an arrangement where a flower vase with white lilies and a huge aquarium filled with exotic species of fish are attracting all the looks.

The yard? Or worth to be named a botanical garden. The palm trees are quietly watching over the winding paths of the outside yard which leads to the pool and finally, to the ocean. The pool, which occupies most of the main garden of the resort looks like a chilly oasis where the guests drink pina colada and play volley. Thank you, I think, while closely watching an intense blue rock from the bottom of the pool. My image reflected on the water surface makes me think about “A bigger splash” by David Hockney ( here)

This last vacation day was pleasant and emotional at the same time, I was supposed to leave from an island I had fallen in love with and I had just enjoyed dinner on one of the most beautiful beaches in Grand Baie. I promised to be back. Mauritius is exactly this paradise on earth and beyond its wide white beach from Ile aux Cerfs, the pontoon so conveniently situated in the middle of the ocean, where curious and colorful creatures are moving in the water, beyond all that and Mark Twain’s words as well, this little little island situated on the north eastern side of the African continent stole something from my soul. Note to self: You need a holiday in Mauritius, asap. I will leave you down below some photos from Mauricia Resort & Spa.


WHAT I WORE: Bambah Boutique Top / Diva Charms Skirt / Zara Knotted Flats



Main facts about Mauritius / Alina Ceusan

1.The first thing that you want to do once you arrive on an island that charges more than it’s convenient for the roaming expenses? Get a prepaid card. 15 euro – 1GB, minutes and text messages. Plus, you get your Mauritius number. And you can talk for free on WhatsApp and Facebook. Baaam!

  2. 80% of the local newspapers are in French, although the TV channels in Mauritius use English or Hindi. English is the official language, including in the educational system but you will see that they also speak French and Creole. You’ll get around!

3. Here you will find the most fresh and delicious fruits – coconuts, lychee, pineapple, watermelon, aromatic bananas, mango, papaya, passion fruit and the list could go on and on. You get them mixed with rum on the beach. Cheers!

4. Le Morne half-isle has its own micro climate, as the southern point in the Indian Ocean. In 2008, Le Morne has been included on the UNESCO’s “World Heritage List”. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, maybe because of that mountain shadowing the coast drive? The light of the sunrise that was playing with the trees from the beach? The ocean which seemed infinite? Le Morne it’s a must see once you get on the island.

5. #ButWhyIsTheRumGone THE EMPEROR is the best rum you can drink on the island.You can find it in the duty free and also in the Flemingo stores.

6. All the beaches are simply awesome. Someone told me that the best is near the airport, but we didn’t get the chance to see it. The water is warm, the vegetation abundant, Grand Baie and the harbor can get pretty lively in the evening. A party could not be the wrong thing here.

7. Regardless of the plan you are making at home for the New Year’s Eve on an island at 8.000 km away, it’s not going to work once you get there. We said that we would stay on the beach and drink champagne. We ended up in the south, at L’Ambassure, Black River where Scarlett was holding a close party. She played the piano, we had the perfect traditional dinner – sushi and grill – and the night ended with a glass of champagne (just one) and fireworks.

8. If you are scare of long flights, try to find something to do during the long way to Mauritius (there are at least 9 hours). Not that I am scared of this, but I have edited some video on the laptop in the meantime. I also watched a movie, then arranged my sleep mask and #goodnight woke up at breakfast. Of course, sedatives can work too, but this is something that only Carmen can help you with, maybe in a future post.

9. The island is poison free (in terms of poisonous animals, of course). Told you it’s paradise.

10. Do you know what Mazavaroo is? They serve it with absolutely everything – creole curry, noodles..samoussas. Just as you turn right on the coast drive and you arrive at Troux aux beach, you can park the car. Take your towel, the bag, the uebooms and your friends. Then cross the forest. Right in the middle, on the left, there’s a banner which indicates that the place it’s recommended by Trip Advisor. In the menu you will find of course, sea food, French fries, panini, fruits, but they also have the best traditional food – Samoussa – some kind of puff pastry with a filling of potato stew, cheese, vegetables, fish or chicken, deep-fried, served with Mazavaroo Paste made of green chili pepper. I usually eat spicy food, so I liked it.

That’s all about Mauritius today, see you soon with a new blog post.





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  • Bella WW, 19 January 2017 at 16:40

    I’ve watched your holiday in Mauritius on Snapchat, and the island indeed looks like paradise. I love your outfit!
    Btw, the new look of your blog is so cool and neat!